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Every year millions of people add weight loss to their new year resolution list. Some desire to shed extra pounds to tone up their bodies while others do it for health reasons. Weight reduction brings self-confidence keeping several diseases away from you. In an urge to lose weight people get motivation from different platforms. They look up to celebrities, bloggers, and common people who have successful weight loss stories.

A prosperous weight loss story motivates and excites us. Believing if they can lose so much weight why can’t we. If you wish to lose any weight and look for a perfect weight loss plan then, here, in this article we will tell you the amazing journey of Amanda Batula weight loss.

Amanda Batula

Amanda Batula is among the cast of season “Summer House”, she also works as a director and senior graphic designer for a Drink Lover Boy. She makes blogs on her website Through her blogs, you will get to know her favorite products, and information related to her program, and you can also contact her for any queries. She is particularly interested in cosmetics and skincare, though she flaunted her natural freckles through her no-make-up photos on Instagram.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss Journey

To start your weight reduction journey following Amanda’s read loss plan, here is a sneak peek of how she lost 15-20 pounds. During her first official series of the summer house, the 5.6 feet actress was utter heaviest. She did not scale her weight, started her diet plan, and eventually returned back to her college weight which was about 50 kg. She shed all the extra pounds with the help of intermittent fasting. Stay tuned for detailed information about her weight loss plan.

Amanda Batula Diet Plan

70% of the weight loss depends on your diet while 30% depends on physical activity. Hence, if you desire to lose weight, then you must look at what is on your plate. For better results a person should consistently follow a strict diet otherwise one cannot lose much weight. Talking about Amanda’s diet plan, she is very conscious about what she is eating and has been following a strict diet ever since her weight loss journey.

According to Amanda, she has never been an exercise person therefore, decided to work on her eating habits. She takes bullet-proof coffee in her diet regularly. With the help of a nutritionist, she began a balance FODMAP DIET. Intermittent fasting played a key role in achieving her desired body. According to her, she added lots of green veggies in her meals while there are many actual fruits that she avoided since they contain a high amount of natural sugar.

Although she follows a very strict diet plan still she encourages her to satisfy her food cravings. If you will not satisfy your food craving in a small amount eventually you will end up overindulging in it. Some people consider calories to be a very important parameter in the weight-reduction plan but according to her she never counted her calories while eating as it does not help in weight reduction.

She does not feel hungry until late afternoon when she does intermittent fasting because in between the meal plan, she takes a drink known as butter coffee. Butter coffee is made up of coffee, brain-octane oil, and ghee or grass-fed butter. She stated that the drink has helped her in losing 15-20 pounds during the second season of the summer house.

Amanda’s Workout Plan 

Diet has a massive impact on weight reduction compared to working out. Amanda has never been a workout person. She tried a lot but could not take it to the next level of success. In her question and answer sessions, she replied multiple times that she is working and maintaining her body through diet. She considers monitoring eating habits more beneficial for health than an exercise regime.

Final verdict

We can conclude this blog with some of the weight reduction tips and tricks from her lifestyle.

  • Cut down on carbs and sugars as much as possible.
  • Don’t put your foot on a weight scale or count your calorie intake.
  • Instead of ignoring your cravings fulfill them in small quantities.
  • Intermittent fasting works wonders for weight reduction.

Amanda’s lifestyle shows that even if you are not a fitness freak you can achieve your desired body weight by only controlling your diet. You should not compromise your food cravings rather have them in tiny amounts. You should reduce carbs and sugar from your diet and include bullet-proof coffee to remain active. The small improvements that Amanda made in her daily routine brought a big change in her body and confidence.

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Amanda Batula Age:

Amanda Batula was borned on July 24, 1991 in New Jersey, United States, and she is 32 years old.

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