Sam Smith Weight Loss in 2024


In 2023, Sam Smith surprised their fans with body transformation. The singer successfully lost 50 pounds by maintaining a consistent diet plan and workout routine. Many people consider that weight loss is an overnight extreme result of a diet plan. However, it is not true, one has to maintain a constant approach to gradually lose weight. If you are curious, about how the singer lost weight then stick with us as this article is all about Sam Smith weight loss secrets.

Who Is Sam Smith

Sam Smith is a popular singer and songwriter, who was born in London. Their most popular songs include Stay with Me and Let Me Down which are from their debut album 2014. Sam Smith won Grammy awards, Brit awards, and even billboards throughout their career. They even won Oscars in 2016 for the song “Writings on the Wall”.

In 2019, Sam Smith announced themself as a non-binary individual and prefers using pronounce them, they, and their to indicate himself as a gender-neutral person. Sam was born in 1992 on 9th May.

How Sam Smith Weight Gain Started

Sam Smith started gaining weight during their childhood in an interview Sam Smith talked about their emotional and eating disorders due to which at a very young age he gained a massive amount of weight. They revealed that eating excessive amounts of food was used to cope with his loneliness and depression. Food provided them with comfort for emotional health.

During their childhood, they were bullied by other kids. Due to obesity at the age of 12, he went through liposuction surgery to get rid of the obesity. However, the surgery did not bring the desired results as they were persistent with their unhealthy eating habits.

Sam were self-conscious about their weight while appearing in music videos. Due to their weight, they even did not want to appear on the camera. The childhood bullies and self-consciousness created trauma and they were not comfortable performing in front of the audience.

Sam Smith Weight Loss Transformation

In 2015, Sam Smith successfully lost 50 pounds by adopting a healthy lifestyle. They started following a healthy daily routine including physical activity, and a nutritious diet in 2015. They lost major weight but still did not give up and made significant efforts to maintain weight loss.

Sam Smith has always been open about their weight loss journey. In an interview, they said that they have been working strictly on a weight loss journey. Sam Smith also shares his pictures from the gym and diet plan on Instagram. In the past, they also talked about collaboration with nutritionist therapist Amelia Freer and also expressed gratitude for the amazing weight loss plan she gave them.

Sam Smith Workout Routine

Sam Smith has been consistently going to the gym regularly for the last few years. Including physical activity in their daily routine helped a lot in losing and maintaining weight. Whether it is yoga, meditation, cardio, or strength training, He follows a mix-and-match routine.

In 2019, Sam Smith shared a shirtless picture of themself and also told the video struggles their fans. They also told how they used to starve themselves for a week to lose a few pounds to shoot a shirtless photo. Luckily, a healthy diet and workout help in maintaining their weight loss.

Sam Smith Diet Plan

Sam Smith’s diet plan was prepared by nutritionist Amelia. According to her, the best diet plan is to eat a healthier nutritious diet. The first thing she told Sam was to quit junk and processed food and replace them by consuming a healthy, nutritious meal.

Amelia suggests to her clients that if they do not have time to prepare fresh meals, they can meal prep. Meal prepping is an excellent way through which you can stock up on fresh produce and lean protein in your refrigerator for a few days so you do not munch on junk food. The choice of food should be organic and natural including lots of veggies and lean meat.

A meal should be colorful, including fruits, vegetables, and protein. The portion size should also be small. One thing. Everyone should avoid in their meals is a high intake of sugar, so everyone should cut off alcohol, fruit juice, carbonated, drinks, and fizzy drinks.

Although a lot of nutritionists suggest consuming five meals a day including three meals and two snacks. However, Amelia suggests avoiding snacking to prevent weight gain and only consuming three meals a day. Calculated calories can also help in reducing weight.

Final Thoughts

Sam Smith weight gain was not only a trauma to their physical health, but for years, it has been a curse to mental health. By following the guidelines of nutritionist Amelia, they said goodbye to junk and processed food. Along with a diet plan, they also consistently follow a workout routine to keep the body fit.

While following any weight loss, diet plan, and workout routine it is important to be consistent. Sam Smith lost weight in 2015, but they have been religiously following the diet plan and workout routine since then to maintain the loss of 50 pounds.