Daisy Keech AB Workout: You should try it or not?

how many calories does-daisy-keech-hourglass-workout-burn

Exercise is a primary key factor in a healthy lifestyle. It’s okay to work out for an hour or two daily. Exercising for approximately 30 minutes is also enough if it’s done correctly. Most people do not plan to exercise just because they cannot find a suitable plan for themselves.

Some people need help to start exercising because they want to know whether the training will meet their requirements or if they can burn enough calories. If you are one of those individuals who are bored of sitting on the couch, then this workout routine is for you.

Daisy Keech Hourglass Workout 

Daisy Keech is a fitness trainer who helps people with her great workout plans and exercise techniques to stay fit. A while back, she introduced this new scheme known as the hourglass workout. It is an ab workout that enables you to strengthen the core muscles, so this is worth a try. 

This workout is a hit currently after it went viral on TikTok. Every fitness enthusiast is following this workout these days and looks impressed. The technique is not only supportive for building abs but also works to maintain body shape and reduce the number of calories. Reducing belly fat and strengthening the muscles are the main targets of the Daisy workout. 

What Does It Include? 

The workout includes several exercises that cover the whole body. Ideally, this ab workout can be done in 10 minutes, but you can take your time if you are new to this. Keep it slow and go step by step. You will start observing the difference after following the activities for a maximum time. 

Some practices of this plan include Normal Crunches, Reverse Crunches, Bicycle Kicks, Jumping Jack, and Russian Twist. 

Directions For Performing The Hourglass Workout

Whichever workout you follow, begin with the basics and then step forward on the challenging ones. All of the below exercises are supposed to be continued for a minute.


The first and initial step of the workout is crunches. 

  1. To begin with this exercise, lie down on the floor. 
  2. Cross your legs and bend them upwards until your lower back touches the floor. 
  3. Move both hands on each side of your head and start by moving your trunk towards your knees. Repeat the same procedure over and over again.


To strengthen your legs and balance your body, you should start doing Lunges. For more better results, Reverse Lunges are recommended. To perform reverse lunges:

1.   Put your arms straight down as if you are standing.

2.   Bend your right knee while lowering yourself down your left thigh.

3.   Move both legs forward, one after another.


Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks is a form of full-body exercise that encompasses all areas of the body.

1. Start with standing straight, then start jumping. As you jump apart with your legs, raise your hands over the head during the process.

2. Lower the hands and legs back to their initial position. Continue with the same routine again.

Russian Twist

It targets the lower part of the body only.

 1. Put yourself on the floor straight, arms outstretched.

2. Lean back with bent knees and form a ‘V’ shape.

3. Stay in that position and move your body to the left and then to the right, turn by turn. 

4. While twisting, hold both hands together

Bicycle Kicks

Bicycle kicks are similar to bicycle crunches. It’s the most intense exercise for your abs and lower body. 

  1. Lie down on the floor. Then, tilt your shoulders away from the floor and bend your knees. 
  2. Then, move both legs one after another towards the chest. While bringing the right leg, make sure your left elbow touches the leg. Similarly, while moving the left leg, your right elbow should feel your leg. 
  3. The rest of your body should remain straight on the floor. 

 Jack Knives

After settling yourself on the floor:

  1. Stretch your hands behind the head and take the position.
  2. Lift your legs upwards, turn by turn.
  3. Start by stretching your right hand towards the left leg and vice versa. 

Benefits of Hourglass Workout

This workout helps to strengthen muscles, shapes the body, and improves metabolism. Most importantly, it requires a minimum of 10 minutes. Thus, anyone can do it. But how many calories does Daisy Keech hourglass workout burn? That depends on the potency of the exercises you are doing. An average level of this workout burns approximately 200 calories. 


The Daisy Keech ab workout includes multiple exercises that cover the whole body. Crunches, Lunges, and Twists are some exercises that are included in this plan. Ab workouts not only provide strength to muscles but boost the whole body. 

No matter how intense your workouts are, it takes time to make a difference. For effective results, following the workout routine, 3 to 4 days a week is suggested.