Amanda Fuller Weight Gain | Pregnancy Rumours 2024


No celebrity can hide weight loss and weight gain. If you are a fan of the popular TV show Grey’s Anatomy then you must know Amanda Fuller. She is an amazing actress with attractive blue eyes and a charming innocent face. In the past few years, Amanda Fuller, weight fluctuation has become a hot topic among fans.

Recently, Amanda Fuller weight gain created speculations regarding Amanda’s pregnancy. Although fans enjoy, acting, and shows, but personal lives of actors have always been a much interesting topic for discussion. When these actors appear on the bigger screen it is tough for them to hide any weight gain more weight loss.

Whenever an actress gains weight, the first rumor we hear is that she is pregnant. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the weight gain of “The Man Standing” popular actress Amanda Fuller.

Who is Amanda Fuller

Amanda Fuller was born on 27 August 1984, in Sacramento, CA. Although most of her family is American, but she has an ethnicity mixed with German, Mexican, English, and French roots. Due to her cocktail genes, she has beautiful blue eyes, dark hair, and a glowy face. Amanda has always been passionate about becoming an actress. Since childhood, she dreamed of becoming an actress. When she was only three, she made her first appearance in an advertisement for her parent’s store.

This was the time when her parents realized the talent of their young and beautiful child. She was then enrolled in an acting and dancing school when she was 9, she auditioned for Tales of the City, and from that day till now she has been part of many TV shows and films, although she never won any prestigious awards such as Oscars, she’s among a recognizable face. She has immense popularity and fanbase.

Amanda Fuller’s Personal Life

Amanda has always maintained grace and has not been a part of any controversy. She got in the news due to her weight loss, but it is not something suspicious. Amanda has been actively interacting with her fans through social media platforms such as Instagram. She often shares pictures on Instagram.

Amanda Fuller has been dating actor, Matthew Bryan for the last few years. They both seem to be living happily together. Matthew is not just an actor but also a composer of music, sings songs and writes scripts. They started their relationship in 2014 by sharing a picture on social media. When Amanda gained weight people thought it was a baby bum. Whenever a female actress gains weight, the first thing fans predict is a baby bump.

Amanda Fuller Weight Gain

Amanda and Matthew have been in a relationship for almost a decade so when Amanda gained weight fans, assumed that the actress had decided to expand her family. However, all the dreams does not come true and the actress did not announce any pregnancy or childbirth. Even it is not confirmed whether Amanda and Matthew are married or not.

There are rumors on social media that the actress has secretly married her longtime boyfriend, Matthew. From social media pictures, it is evident that the couple is enjoying the time of their life, married or not, pregnant or not. This couple surely shares an adorable chemistry.


We hope that our article might have helped you in explaining your query about Amanda Fuller weight gain. Now, you must be aware of the personal life of this diva. Maybe in the future, we will hear exciting news about the life of this amazing actress.

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