The Best Cable Back Workouts In 2023


If you are looking for easy and pocket-friendly gym equipment on which you can work out for your back then back cable workouts are the best option. Cable machine exercise is similar to pulley machine exercises that help to give a toned-up back. Cable back workouts also help in providing back pain relief.

On a cable machine, you can perform a variety of vacuuming exercises. If you are wondering which cable machine back workout you should perform, then there are many options. In this article, we will tell you the best back exercises with cables and how beneficial these lower back cable exercises are.

The Top Cable Machines Exercises In 2023

The back machines at the gym are available but if you are designing your home gym then you should have cable machine back exercises. Following are the best cable exercises for the back. These exercises will build muscles, increase strength, and tone up your back.

  • Single-arm seated cable row

It is an alternative to a seated cable row. You can perform a variety range of motions. This is among excellent Lower back cable exercises that maximize back contraction. The rotation of the trunk increases the strength of your core. If your posture will be correct during the entire exercise your core should be engaged.

  • Seated cable row

It is a simple and easy exercise that helps in providing a platform for a variety of other exercises. Seated cable row can be modified into a number of exercises.

It is a good exercise for the middle back, lats, and traps. It is a bit similar to exercises like the barbell, bend over, row, and dumbell exercises. It is a great exercise for those who prefer cable machine exercises and do not want to use the free weights. Throughout the exercise, your back should be straight and your elbows tight. Do not lean forward and keep your core strong.

  • Straight arm pushdown

The main focus of this exercise is the muscles of the shoulder and lats. Either you can use a bar or a rope to increase your movement. It is a straight-arm version, but if you bend your elbows, it will convert into a tricep pull-down. Insert this exercise with light weight to reduce the strain on your muscles.


  • Wide grip lat pulldown

This type of cable machine exercise mainly focuses on lats. The secondary muscles on which this exercise acts are rhomboids, delts, and traps. It is among the most efficient and effective back workouts with cables. It is also among the easiest back cable workout.

To perform this exercise your movement should be fluid and slow without any jerks. Stick your butt to the seat.

  • Reverse grip lat pulldown

This alternative of lat cable exercise helps you in keeping your elbow tighter to the body. This exercise helps in keeping the muscles of the lower lats tight. During this exercise, the posture remains the same as other lat cable exercises. Only the slight difference is that your palms should face the body.

  • Close grip lat pulldown

According to many people, the close grip lat pulldown is one of the most natural forms of lat cable exercises. It is among the best back exercises. All you have to do is keep your palms away from the body. When you pull the rope down your elbow should be close to the body. Perform the exercise comfortably, the standard curved lat bars should be V shipped.

  • Reverse cable flyes

The main focus of this exercise is the muscles posterior delts, and rhomboids. It is among the most efficient and famous cable machine back workouts. As a beginner, you should start with low weights and try to increase the motion of your shoulder blades. Once you are comfortable with the movement of your shoulders and muscles then you can lift some more weight.

  • The face pull

It is among the most popular and best shoulder workouts on cable machines. It is similar to a shoulder workout pulley. This cable pull-back exercise works on the muscles of rhomboids, rotator, cuff muscles, posterior delts, and traps. It is an excellent exercise for shoulder workouts however, this cable machine back workout also helps in developing the upper back muscles.

For this exercise, you need to install a cable rope attachment. while holding the rope your palms should be facing inward so that you can easily range the motion of your hands. In the initial few days, you will find this exercise a bit difficult but once you will start doing it, it is an excellent exercise for shoulder pain and shoulder injuries.

  • Shotgun row

It is a lat row exercise that primarily focuses on the mid back and lats. It is an alternative to the seated cable row exercise. Mostly there are 2 to 3 back exercise machine at the gym so it is a great alternative.

While pulling the rope there is a change in the motion on your wrist and forearm. Keep yourself engaged in the exercise and don’t overextend your back. Other than that your main focus should be control movement.

  • Standing cable row

It is good exercise for a bicep cable workout. It primarily acts on muscles such as posterior delts, lats, and rhomboids. It also impacts on core and biceps muscles. It is among the best rope exercises for the back. You can perform this exercise with the help of a straight bar or ropes. You can keep a goal of 8 to 12 reps for this exercise. 

Perform exercises to target the upper and lower back specifically

The above cable back for coats primarily targets the muscles of the back and also secondarily targets some other muscles. To build body strength it is very important that you perform a variety of exercises such as low back cable exercises, lat cable exercises, or back machine workouts. For upper back and lat exercises, you can perform high-pulling exercises, reverse flyes, and rows. For the lower back, you can perform pull-downs and low cable rows.

Other than cable back workouts you should combine more exercises for a well-developed back. For example with a cable machine back workout, you can also add a military press and deadlift to make your workout more intense.


The above-mentioned cable back workouts are among the best upper and lower back cable exercises. Cable back exercises help in strengthening your back. You can start off with light intensity and then go heavy on cable exercises for the back. However, for a proper workout session, you should include some heavy-lifting exercises in your routine as well.

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