Tessa Brooks Weight Loss 


Tessa was born in Fresno, California, on April 5, 1999. She was introduced to dancing at a young age and began practicing. Dancing allowed her to fully express herself, she discovered.

Tessa Brooks is a dancer, supermodel, actor, and social media personality best known for her YouTube beauty videos and vlogs, as well as roles on Disney’s “The Next Big Thing” as well as the web series “Boss Cheer.”

Skechers, Contours Designs, and Coca-Cola have all hired her as a model. She has appeared at events such as the Miss California Pageant, the Haiti Benefit Concert, and Disney’s Next Big Thing, among several others. She’s also an actress who’s featured in a number of national advertisements.

Tessa Brooks’s Before Weight Loss

Tessa has always wished she had lost a few pounds before starting her weight loss journey in 2016. Her abnormal weight increase was caused by bad eating habits, despite the fact that she was muscular as a child.

Tessa found that the greatest way to relieve her tension was to eat.

She explained. “I’m the type of person who eats away at their emotions, so that’s when I started gaining weight, and it just stayed that way for a while.” she further elaborated. 

Tessa believed that losing weight would make her feel better about herself.

Tessa Brook’s Weight Loss Journey 

Tessa began losing weight when she was 17 years old, in 2016. She admitted that she had tried to reduce weight for one to two years but had given up on her diet and workout routine. As a result, she reverted to her previous shape after losing 5 to 10 pounds each time, making her unhappy with herself.

Tessa blames her erratic weight loss on her poor eating habits. “She explained, “How am I meant to lose weight when mozzarella sticks are the best part of life?” Brooks, on the other hand, elected to stick to his diet and fitness routines in 2019. She successfully shed 20 pounds by mid-2019 and has maintained her fitness since then.

The Weight-Loss Secret of Tessa Brooks

Tessa decided to make the big decision and promise herself that this time she would faithfully adhere to the diet and fitness sessions.

Junk food and high-carb meals must be avoided in order to lose weight. Brooks’ initial action was to do just that. She made a change in her bad eating habits. Below is Tessa’s weight-loss diet: 

Tessa Brook Diet 

Tessa’s weight loss was aided by the elimination of dairy foods from her diet. She stated that it was the most difficult thing she had ever done, but she gave up after learning about its harmful effects on her weight.

Tessa starts her day with smoothies for breakfast and then has a salad or chicken tacos for lunch. Her dinner was primarily comprised of light fare.

Tessa Brook Workout 

Tessa increased her physical activity to drop 20 pounds. Rather than going to the gym, Tessa decided to go trekking and take Pilates courses. Before beginning her indoor exercises, she also danced for 30 minutes. Tessa also completed the following activities to lose weight:

  • Yoga
  • Lunges in the air
  • Plank outs are a great way to strengthen your abs.
  • Swinging hips
  • Pushups

Tessa strengthens her upper body muscles by doing 20 pushups every day.

Tessa Brook Then And Now 

Tessa has stated that she is now a lot stronger and healthier, in addition to her weight loss.

She claims that her exercise has enhanced her mental function and that she now tires out less rapidly than she did previously. Her transformation can be effectively seen in the pictures below:

Tessa Brooks’ Weight Loss: How Does She Maintain It?

Maintaining a stable weight is always more difficult than losing weight. Tessa, on the other hand, was not willing to give up her new body at any cost, so she developed some new routines to avoid a weight gain relapse.

Tessa Brooks supplemented her diet with vitamins and celery juice to sustain her 20-pound weight loss. Although she dislikes celery juice, she appreciates the health benefits it provides.

Tessa has also admitted to consuming cheese and other dairy products; nevertheless, when she slips on her diet, she works out more than usual.

Weight Loss Tips From Tessa Brooks

The American influencer has given her followers some weight-loss advice. These suggestions are listed below:

Chips, sour cream cheese, white rice, and dairy foods, such as cheese and corn, should all be avoided. If people wish to reduce weight, Tessa encourages them to avoid the diet mentioned above. You can safely trust her advice because she has successfully lost weight.

Eat-in moderation. In addition to eating healthy foods, the YouTuber stated that she ate everything in moderation. When she went out, she attempted to eat as many fat-free meals as possible.

Drink a lot of water. Water, according to Brooks, was a big part of her weight loss journey. She could maintain focus on her training if she kept her body hydrated.


Tessa Brooks’ weight loss story suggests that a low-calorie diet is essential for weight loss. Tessa has motivated others to begin their weight loss journey by shedding 20 pounds organically. We hope you discover some inspiration to begin your weight-loss journey if that is what you desire.