White Aura Meaning: What does White Aura Mean In A Spiritual Sense?


What do you understand by the term white aura? White is associated with the crown chakra, also known as the “bridge to the cosmos”, which links us to universal energy and oneness.

What Does Aura Mean?

Many ancient medical systems, including Hindu writings like the Vedas, believe that energy has seven layers. Each layer corresponds to a different component of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Auras are the invisible field of energy that surrounds a person’s physical body. Our attitude and mental state have an impact on them, and different colors are linked with different emotions and qualities.

What Do Different Colors Of Auras Mean?

1- Red Aura

If you have the color Red in your aura, it means that you are a strong-willed, well-grounded, fiery and energetic person. They are in general unafraid of death, birth, overindulgence, adrenaline-inducing activities, and sensuality. 

2- Orange Aura

If you have the color of Orange aura in your aura, it means that you are thoughtful, adventurous, creative, and considerate. They enjoy life to the fullest. They usually live in their world and are not very social. 

3- Yellow Aura

If you have the color Yellow in your aura, it means that you are optimistic, easy-going, and have a strong sense of self-esteem. Yellow auras are never dull since it also refers to sunshine. They have a fear of relationships but are quite social.

4- Green Aura

If you have the color Green in your aura, it means that you are social, communicator, and nurturing. They tend to get jealous, defensive, and insecure. They are skilled at maintaining social relationships. 

5- Blue Aura

If you have the color Blue in your aura, it means that you are a free thinker, peaceful, spiritual, and parent-like. They are very emotional and love being around people. They also value social connections and relationships.

6- Indigo Aura 

If you have the color Indigo in your aura, it means that you are curious, spiritually connected, and gentle. They are a fervent defender of people’s rights. They live in the moment and go naturally with the flow of life. 

7- Pink Aura

If you have the color Pink in your aura, it means that you are soft, sweet, and gentle. They don’t like confrontations and arguments. It also means that you have maintained a stable balance between your spiritual and material existence.

What Does White Aura Mean?

White aura meaning refers to having the rarest of all aura colors. Having a white aura is both an uncommon and brilliant occurrence. It also indicates a high level of spirituality and purity. 

The color white itself symbolizes purity, authenticity, truth, and a state of consciousness. It also means that someone with a white aura will reflect these attributes in their demeanor and personality. 

White meaning aura also indicates that it will appear bright and glowing. It also means healing capabilities and divine connection. They are widely known for bringing positive change to the world.

What Does The Color Placement Mean In The Chakra?

Different chakras are said to be associated with each layer of the aura. Different centers of energy within your body are thought to be chakras. There are various specifications of some layers or chakras as some may be more dominant and others may be less visible. 

Breakdown Of Chakra Layers And Their Colors:

  • Root or physical layer: Red, you may notice or even see red between your tailbone and pelvic bone. 
  • Sacral layer: Orange, you may detect it below your naval. 
  • Emotional layer: Yellow, you may detect around your solar plexus.
  • Astral layer or heart chakra: Green, you may find it in or around your chest.
  • Spiritual layer or throat chakra: Blue, which you may notice below your throat. 
  • Intuitional layer or third eye: Indigo, which you may notice at the centre of your forehead. 
  • Absolute layer or crown chakra: White, which you may detect at the top of your head. 

Personality Careers For Auras:

Orange Personality Careers:

Orange aura does not like to take leadership positions, not even when it comes to sports. It’s a significant challenge for them to lead people even in social gatherings. Other common jobs an orange aura may be interested in are bounty hunter, private investigator, and explorer. 

Car racing, stunts, and diving are a few of the common paths taken by a person with an orange aura. They find office jobs too slow and boring.

White Personality Careers:

People with a white aura have powerful healing abilities but they are reserved and introverted. People with white aura personality careers do not get frustrated with working with others and even help people to make their job easier. 

White aura personalities love representing their companies since they leave a lasting impression on everyone they meet. They also love to work with health care organizations and even customer care.

Red Personality Careers:

People with a red aura are excellent leaders as their passion and drive take them very far. Manifesting and creating abundance for themselves is powerful for those with a red aura. 

Those people found with a red aura can be lawyers, leaders like a manager, boss, or community head, they can be CEOs, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs.

Yellow Career Personality:

People with a yellow aura are born leaders and they are very social. Individuals with a yellow aura can be artists, researchers, and scientists. They also need their space and freedom to work. 

Green Career Personality:

People with a green aura are acupuncturists, massage therapists, and reiki practitioners. They also love to earn money and are quite workaholics. They have short-term goals which lead them to their main aim.

Blue Career Personality:

People with a blue aura can be counselors, teachers, and doctors. They love to help and guide people naturally. Also, they like a job in which they can be creative and imaginative. They are also effective team players.

Indigo Career Personality:

People with an indigo aura can understand complex situations within a short time. Also, they tend to absorb information quickly. For them, a goal is more important than money. They best fit in the role of health care, spiritual leader, and therapist.


There is growing evidence that the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies are closely linked, according to spiritual advisers, energy practitioners, and other health professionals who work with aural health.

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