Six Advantages of Naked Meditation | Nude Meditation


Yoga is just not only beneficial for the body but also relaxes the mind which is why it has become an important part of the daily routine for many. Newbie or a pro in yoga trying out different styles vinyasa flow, hatha yoga, or Bikram yoga, people never stop exploring. If you desire to excite your yoga adventures you may have been looking for new options like naked meditation. In a large city or small town, naked meditation is gaining immense popularity in the West.

Naked yoga is not a new thing as people are practicing it since ancient times. However, in the present age, people have different points of view about it.

If you’re not embarrassed to try this certainly unorthodox practice then, here is what you need to know about naked meditation.

What is naked meditation?

It is pretty clear that you meditate naked. Meditating nude creates a deeper connection about yourself. Although there is no magnificent difference between usual meditation and meditation naked, however, when you meditate without your clothes, you start appreciating and loving your body.

Before starting your nude meditation journey, here are some of the advantages of naked meditation you might want to know.

  • You can see your body 

Yoga, meditation, and other physical exercises help in improving mental and physical health. Everyone is perfect in their own skin but still, the definition of perfection is different for all. By doing meditation nude you will clearly see your body, it will tell you where you need to work. You can perform your naked meditation in front of a full-size mirror to clearly see yourself.

  • Makes you admire yourself

The greatest beauty of naked meditation is that it sets you free from your insecurities. Millions of people spend billions of dollars on their clothes, shoes, and accessories to look good. Have you ever thought about why people spend all this money? Mostly it is because of their insecurities and ego. They want to impress other people and show their success and achievement with overpriced things. By doing naked meditation, you will see yourself without these materialistic things. It will improve your self-esteem and you will start loving the skin you are in.

  • Remove physical restraints

During meditation, no one likes to get restricted so they wear loose baggy comfortable clothes. Naked meditation allows you to move freely, and switch positions, and you can meditate for a longer time period. When you wear tight clothes you feel stiff and restricted making your mind uneasy to perform meditation. When you desire to change a pose you feel frustrated and restricted. Therefore, eliminate yourself from all the problems and provide a perfect environment for your skin to breathe.

  • Enhance self-confidence

Either going solo or in a room full of naked people, this form of meditation undoubtedly helps build self-confidence. When you love and appreciate your body, ultimately you defeat all your insecurities. If you have the nerves, try performing naked meditation in groups so you can help other people who have confidence issues.

  • Connecting the mind and body 

Meditation is an exercise, relaxing your mind and body. Through meditation, your breath connects you to the world, and practicing it naked makes it an even better experience. This way you are removing all the barriers separating you from the world you are experiencing. Meditation naked makes the practice deeper.

  • It helps in escaping the comfort zone

When you first heard about naked meditation, did you find it uncomfortable? If yes, then you are not alone because most people have similar thoughts. Performing meditation in a room full of naked people can make you feel embarrassed, shy, and uncomfortable, but later on, you will surely be thankful for this experience.

Naked meditation helps in appreciating and loving your own skin. Many women performing yoga nude meditation say it builds their self-confidence, they sleep better, feel more energized, and since it is a connection with their bodies, they do have a better sex life now. When your mind escapes all the unnecessary inhibitions, you will no longer be dragged by such thoughts of discomfort, shame, or embarrassment.


Everyone has a different opinion about naked meditation. Some consider it a carnal way to sensualize meditation sessions while others think of it as cherishing the raw human form. You do it alone or in a group, it is surely an excellent exercise to create a deeper connection of mind with your body. Leaving behind insecurities naked meditation promotes self-acceptance.

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