Rosie Rivera Weight Loss


Rosie Rivera weight loss posts have been trending on social media. Fans are appreciating her remarkable progress. Rosie Rivera posted on her Instagram that she lost 8.5 pounds in only two weeks.

Rosie Rivera is the sister of the late Mexican star Jenni Rivera. She has recently joined the yes you can diet plan by Alejandro Chaban. Rosie Rivera is not the only one following, yes you can diet plan but her niece Chiquis Marin has also successfully lost 30 lb weight in eight weeks.

Rosie Rivera Weight Loss Journey

Rosie is so excited and happy with her body transformation. She has shared the weight loss progress with her followers through a video. She has been following the yes you can diet plan. Rosie Rivera weight loss goals are 30 lb so still she has 21 lb to lose.

The fans are praising her new look and hot body. If she will lose weight at this speed she will reach her weight goal. Recently, she delivered a baby and she is following a strict diet along with her husband Abel, who lost 13 lbs in two weeks.

Rosie Rivera Gastric Bypass

There were rumors on the Internet about Rosie Rivera surgery. However, Rosie Rivera surgery is only speculation and has nothing to do with reality. Whenever a celebrity loses weight fast, people start assuming that they might have gone through surgery to remove excessive body fat. A similar situation happened with Rosie Rivera.

Through her social media post, Rosie Rivera made it clear that she has not gone under the knife to reduce weight. Rather, she followed a strict diet plan and workout routine which helped her shed weight quickly.

Rosie Rivera Weight Loss Diet plan

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To lose weight quickly, Rosie Rivera followed a strict diet plan which consists of nutritious meals and natural supplements. She used to take five meals a day in small portions. Mostly she used to consume fresh vegetables and fruits.

Rosie Rivera avoids junk and processed food. To overcome nutritional deficiencies, she also takes supplements. A well-balanced diet plan helps in building body muscles and burning fat. A good diet also keeps her energy throughout the day.

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Rosie Rivera Weight Loss Workout

Diet solely is not sufficient to lose weight quickly. One should increase physical activity to burn more calories. It is not necessary that you should hit the gym regularly for a workout. Walking, jogging, cardio, aerobics, and Zumba, are great ways to burn calories.

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Bottom line

Rosie Rivera weight loss is an excellent example that anyone who is motivated towards his goals can easily achieve them. By following a strict diet and workout routine Rosie Rivera successfully lost 8.5 lbs in only two weeks. She also takes detoxifying drinks to cleanse her body.

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It completely depends on you, if you want to take supplements or not. While following a diet plan the body suffers from nutritional deficiencies due to which people take supplements. However, the best thing will be if you take a well-balanced nutritious diet. Rosie Rivera weight loss goals are inspirational, if she can do it why not you? All you have to do is be consistent and keep working hard.

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