Whitney Thore Weight Loss


The reality show star and dancer Whitney Thore has never been conscious about her weight. On social media, there have always been rumors regarding Whitney Thore weight loss. However, the TLC, my big fat fabulous life star does not pay any attention to comments regarding her weight.

Recently, she has been enjoying people praising her for losing weight. She has also been vocal about trying to eat healthily and following a workout routine. Still, weight loss is not among her first priorities.

The Internet is full of questions like weight loss surgery and speculations about Whitney Thore. If you are also curious to know the reality behind it, so keep reading.

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About Her Weight Loss

The MBFFL fans are curious to know the reality of Whitney Thore weight loss. This is the only question people ask about the reality star, especially when there is no season airing. She herself hasn’t commented on the topic but if you follow her on social media you will find some changes in her weight.

Once reality star Whitney Thore revealed that she lost 70 pounds 3 years back and since then it is the same. So, we cannot conclude that Whitney Thore is a fact, it might be an illusion of light, filter, make-up, clothes, and the angle of the camera.

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Did Whitney Thore Have Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery rumors started spreading on the Internet after she broke up with her fiancé. The engagement called off, impacted so badly on her mind that she wanted to lose weight. She became self-conscious and faced insecurity that maybe her weight is a reason for her fiancé breaking up with her.

However, weight loss surgery is only a rumor and has no reality. It was only a thought that she will lose weight through surgery. But since she is a reality star So fans assumed she is about to do gastric bypass surgery.

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Whitney Thore Weight Loss Photos


By looking at Whitney Thore’s recent pictures it is hard to tell if she has gone through a weight loss or not. She herself has not commented on her weight loss.

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