Tom Segura Weight Loss


Tom Segura weight loss Journey, diet plan, and workout routine are exactly what everyone wants to know on the Internet. Was Tom Segura fat? The answer is Yes! Before starting his weight loss journey he was 255 lbs which were quite unhealthy.

If you are wondering how Tom Segura weight loss transformation took place then keep reading this article.

Who is Tom Segura?

Tom Segura is an American stand-up comedian, podcast host, TV producer, and screenwriter. He is the famous podcast host of “Your Mom’s House”. This show is among the most popular and has the highest downloaded clips on YouTube. He also co-hosts the podcast comedy show “2 Bears 1 Cave”.

Tom was born as Thomas Segura on 16 April 1979, in Cincinnati, Ohio. His father’s name is Thomas Segura senior and his mother’s name is Onania Segura. Tom Segura is a mixture of Spanish, French, and Canadian ancestry.

In 2008 Tom tied the knot with his friend and lover Christina Pazsitzky. She is also a comedian by profession. Together they are blessed with two children. Even after 12 years, they both hold a strong relationship and there are no rumors of a split.

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Tom Segura Weight Loss Journey

Tom Seguro started his stand-up comedy career immediately after graduating. It was like a part-time job for him because during the day he used to do another job. He was never conscious of his weight. He never considered his weight as his weakness.

Tom Segura journey started as a challenge with Bert Kreischer. He started it as a fun challenge but it helped him in losing weight. At the end of the challenge, he lost more than 50 lbs.

They challenged each other publicly. This was the reason that no matter what happened, he has to complete this challenge. It all started on Joe Rogan’s show. Tom Segura and Bert challenged each other for a weight loss transformation and the loser will pay for the winner’s vacation trip wherever he wants to go. The loser will also have to shave his beard and none of them were ready to do it.

He crossed all the obstacles with dedication and hard work. Ultimately Tom Segura skinny version could be seen by people.

Tom Segura Diet Plan

To shed some weight he started making adjustments to his diet plan and workout routine. Tom Segura avoided sugar which was the biggest obstacle to his weight loss goal.

A person who loves to eat pasta, pancakes, cakes, brownies, cookies, and waffles so much that it becomes very difficult to avoid sugar. However, he said that sugar is poisoned without any doubt, therefore, he said goodbye to it.

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He started eating nutritious organic food. His diet mainly consists of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. Tom Segura’s plan didn’t consist of any strict dieting rather he started clean eating. In his diet, he was taking more proteins, fibers, fewer carbs, and fats.

Apart from a diet plan he also gives importance to regular exercise. He follows his workout routine at least four days a week. Started as a challenge where Tom Segura helped him in feeling healthy and active

Tom Segura Before and After Weight Loss Photos

You can see the drastic change in Tom Segura before and after weight loss.


How did Tom Segura Lose Weight?

There are so many speculations that Tom Segura went through weight loss surgery however it is not true. Tom Segura surgery was only a rumor and he didn’t go under the knife to lose weight.

He was able to lose all the excess weight naturally by making improvements in his diet. He emphasized drinking more water and eliminating sugar. He changed his eating habits and religiously followed his workout routine.

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Who was Tom Segura in a weight loss competition with?

Tom Segura did a weight loss challenge with Bert kreischer. The challenge started in the show, Joe Rogan. In the show, both of them challenge each other for a weight loss transformation and a loser will pay for the winner’s vacation trip. They also said that the loser will shave his beard knowing the fact both of them love their beards.

What did Tom Segura weigh?

Before starting the weight loss challenge Tom Segura weighed 255 lbs. After following a strict workout routine and making adaptations to his diet plan he successfully shed 50 lbs.

What does Bert Kreischer weigh?

Bert kreischer weight is almost 223 lbs.

What is Tom Segura worth?

Tom Segura has stolen the hearts of his fans for more than 15 years. He has an approximately $2.5 million net worth.


It was a fun challenge that gave Tom Segura motivation to lose weight and we all should get some inspiration from him. Losing excessive weight is not just good for your outer appearance but it is necessary to lead a healthy life