Monique Weight Loss Surgery


Monique is an American stand-up comedian, actress, and talk show host. She is popular for her confident communication skills and amazing sense of humor. she has always been vocal about her struggles with weight loss. In 2009, when she was filming the movie precious, the actress was around 300 pounds.

In 2018, she surprised her fans with a weight loss transformation. She posted a video on Instagram saying that “Since I [was] 17 years old I’ve been over 200 pounds. Today was the first time in my adult life that I’ve been under 200 pounds,” she showed the weighing scale which was around 198 pounds.

Who is Monique

Monique Angela hick better known as Monique was born on 11 December 1967, in Woodlawn, Maryland, United States. She was raised in Baltimore County along with her three siblings.


She is the fourth child of Steven Imes and Alice Imes. She has three siblings. In 1997, she married Mark Jackson. The couple has two children but unfortunately, they got divorced in 2001. She then tied the knot with Sidney Hicks in 2006. Currently, they are happily married and have 2 children.

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She started her career working in a telecommunication company as a service representative. One night at a comedy club in 1988, her brother motivated her to do stand-up comedy. By looking at the appreciation of people she started doing stand-up comedy as a part-time job and soon left her telecommunication representative job.

She made comedy full-time career and soon appeared in television shows like Comic View, Russell Simmons, and DEF comedy jam. In 1999, she gave an appearance on the show Moesha. In the show, the parkers she played the role of Nikki Parker for five seasons.

Other movies in which she worked include baby boy, to soul plane, about life in inner-city Los Angeles, a widely reviled parody of airplanes.

Monique Weight Loss Surgery

Whenever a celebrity travels the journey from obesity to fitness the first rumor they face is weight loss surgery. Monique weight loss surgery was also predictable since there was a remarkable change in her physique. 

However, the stand-up comedian washed off all the speculations by saying that she has lost all the weight through a strict workout routine and healthy eating. She further said that she did not consume any processed food, or sugary food, and did not listen to anyone. She stayed focused and didn’t give up! That’s all.

Monique Weight Loss Journey

She started her weight loss journey in 2011. In 2013, she lost almost 78 pounds. Since that time she has been working hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although she was most confident with her body but for her better health, she decided to lose weight.

How Much Weight Did Monique Lose? 

The 54-year-old stand-up comedian almost lost more than 120 pounds throughout her weight loss journey. Comedian Monique weight loss transformation is definitely appreciable.

Wrap up

After sharing her story people started speculating that Monique weight loss surgery is the cause of her transformation. However, it is not true. Nobody likes to risk their health by gaining excessive weight therefore she worked hard to loose weight.

No matter what the journey is, nothing comes with ease. We all have to do hard work to achieve success. That’s what she also did from eating healthy and clean to following a strict workout routine. She kept herself motivated throughout the journey and didn’t give up.

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