Foods to Avoid with Trulicity: Here’s All You Need to Know


Every medication has its pros and cons. Patients should always be aware of the drug they are taking, whether it’s a cardio patient, allergic patient, or diabetic patient. While each of them will visit a medical professional for different concerns, one thing is expected at the back of their mind, overcoming the side effects of their medications. And one of the critical factors which impact the intensity of the side effects is their diet. 

This article will mention Trulicity and the preferred diet consumers should look forward to. Diabetic patients use trulicity for their treatment. This drug is injected into a patient once a week as part of their treatment. However, some preventive measures are to be taken while using this. What side effects are likely to occur and what type of foods to avoid with trulicity are all mentioned below. 


Every medicine reacts differently to every other patient. Some treatments are highly reactive to specific people, while some do not leave any side reactions. Type 2 diabetic patients use trulicity. It assists in improving insulin and controlling blood sugar levels. 

While the treatment is going on, the digestion system becomes slow due to trulicity. What you eat can affect the treatment, and your medication might serve a different purpose than it is used for. Thus, there are certain foods to avoid with trulicity.  

It is advised to begin with liquids and light food when starting with the first dose of trulicity. With time, you can begin to eat proper meals, but it would be highly beneficial if you avoid eating oily and dairy foods. These foods do not get digested easily and can result in nausea and vomiting. Most importantly, take as much time as you need to finish your meal but complete your food. 

Keep it easy both for your physical and mental health. Observe your health after one or two doses of trulicity. If it’s working perfectly fine for you, great. But if you feel exhausted or unwell, consult your doctor and switch to food high in vitamins and calcium


Extreme sickness, acidity, tiredness, loss of appetite, and vomiting are some side effects of taking trulicity. Some patients can also experience skin redness or allergy due to injections. Note that side effects vary from patient to patient. One might get acidity while the other goes through the sickness. 


As trulicity has different side effects and reactions, maintaining a healthy diet that balances your immune system is essential. Taking good food can also reduce the risks of side reactions. Consuming foods full of vitamins, protein, and fiber can help to fight back the reactions easily. 

Moreover, add green and leafy vegetables to your diet, such as spinach. High-protein food like chicken and beans are recommended. Most importantly, drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and fresh. What needs to be kept in mind is to start with simple food. Take small steps to improve and increase your appetite. Do not overburden your digestive system. 


Medications are provided to cure the illness. However, there are scenarios where the drug side effects can overshadow the main issue, just like Trulicity, which helps treat diabetic patients.  

Even though trulicity can be used along with meals, you should know the foods to avoid with trulicity as part of the remedy. If you feel extreme discomfort while taking trulicity or experience any reaction, then focus on the food you are taking. Switch your meals and consult your doctor in case of any serious or adverse effects.