Turkey Sandwich Calories


Everyone should be conscious about their diet. With the increased number of diseases each day, it is essential to take care of health. The food you are consuming has a great impact on your health.

Many people who are health-conscious note down the number of calories they eat. If you love eating turkey sandwiches then you should know about turkey sandwich calories as well. In this article, we will tell you about turkey sandwich calories and whether is turkey sandwich healthy or not.

How Many Calories Are in a Turkey Sandwich

There is 308 cal in a turkey sandwich. The calories in a turkey sandwich depend on the filling. If you add cheese and sauces then the calories in the Turkey sandwich will be high. If you are eating a simple turkey sandwich containing bread, meat, and some vegetables then the calories in a turkey sandwich will be 308.

People who love eating turkey sandwich often have thoughts about how many calories does a turkey sandwich have. So this is good news for them that the calories in a turkey sandwich are not much high.

Turkey Sandwich Nutrition Facts

Turkey sandwich has the following nutrition:


Calories in a Turkey Sandwich With Cheese

A turkey sandwich has 308 cal but when you add cheese slices to eat the calories become 421cal. A single slice of cheese has 113 cal.

Deli Turkey Sandwich Calories

Deli turkey sandwich calories are not much high. It has 324 cal. A deli turkey sandwich is made up of 13 g of fat, 29 g of carbohydrates, and 21 g of protein.

Turkey Bub Calories

The turkey sub sandwich consists of 350 cal. It has ingredients such as turkey breast, lettuce, bread, tomato ketchup, and mayonnaise. It has a proportion of 26% protein, 37% carbohydrate, and 37% fat.

Are Turkey Sandwiches Healthy?

Is a turkey sandwich or a healthy option or not, it totally depends on the ingredients. The size of the sandwich also has an impact if you will eat a large sandwich it will have more calories. If you will eat a small sandwich it will have less number of calories.

A simple turkey sandwich consisting of bread, turkey breast, and some vegetables is a healthy option. But if you will add cheese, sauces, and condiments it can become unhealthy.

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