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Wonho Monsta X plastic surgery has been the favorite topic of the public on the Internet these days. According to some fans, Wonho Monsta X plastic surgery is only a rumor while others say it is a reality but whatever it surely gives him immense popularity.

Lee Ho Seok is a well-known Korean singer famous with his stage name Wonho. Previously he was the part of popular music Kpop boyband Monsta X. He is among the most handsome Korean singers. Even before when he joined the Monsta X band he was given the title of Ulzzang which means someone with a pretty face and handsome. According to this language, his name is Shin ho Seok and he is considered a handsome and fancy man.

Wonho before and after plastic surgery

Following are the significant differences that you can notice in his appearance indicating a possible plastic surgery.

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Ear and chin lift
  • Face and neck lift
  • Wonho Monsta x abs
  • Lip fillers
  • Brow lift
  • Botox
  • Liposuction

Who is Wonho 

Le Ho Seok better known as Wonho was born on 1 March 1993, in South Korea. Not much is known about his early life but he has only one brother. He joined Uzzlang Shidae season 3 and became popular with the name of Shin Ho Seok.

Why did Wonho leave Monsta X

After participating in a survival television series known as No Mercy, he joined the music band, Monsta X. On 31st October, the management of starship entertainment reveals that he is no longer the part of Monsta X group. After several communication and meetings with Wonho, they decided to make the decision public on Twitter.

The decision of removing him from the entertainment group was due to the allegations of his former roommate Jung Da Eun accused him of stealing and selling his things. He also borrowed some money from her and did not return it. The popular pop singer had also addressed to his fans that he was regretting his mistakes. He also requested the fans they should keep supporting the other group members in that music band.

Wonho Appearance When He Was a Part of Monsta X

When he was a part of the music band he was way more charismatic and handsome. During his stage performances he used to apply heavy makeup but it still never skip to create his charm on his audience.

Due to the heavy makeup, people used to think that Wonho Monsta X plastic surgery rumors are true. People also used to notice changes in the shape of his nose. All of a sudden his nose became pointed from the tip.

Wonho Appearance After He Left Monsta X

He left Monsta X with a lot of controversies leaving his fans in shock. After leaving the music band he decided to focus on his body. Within a few months, fans notice that he has lost some weight and gained muscles.

He looked quite thin due to a strict workout routine and following strict diet plans. He also lost excess fat from his face and gave him more attractive and sharp looks. This was the time people started to speculate rumors about botox and cheek lifts.

Bottom line

Wonho Monsta X plastic surgery is still a mystery. He himself hasn’t spoke much on it but the difference in his appearance is quite prominent. Maybe it is a result of a diet, workout plan, or makeup. Or another way, Wonho Monsta X plastic surgery rumors may be true. We can only hope that in the future he himself will clear all the rumors.

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