The Best Extreme Sports To Try In The UK


Although the UK may not be people’s first choice when planning their adrenaline-filled adventure, there are many different extreme sports to offer. Now more than ever people are choosing to stay within the UK to enjoy their chosen sport, instead of traveling abroad. As well as people in the UK deciding to stay, people are now traveling from other countries to the UK to see what extreme sports in the UK have to offer.

Here we have created a list of the best extreme sports that we think are worth the while trying in the UK, along with some of the best locations.


Paddleboarding is the first sport on this list, although it’s not one of the most dangerous. Paddleboarding can still come as an extreme sport in certain circumstances, depending on the environment it’s taken part in. Paddleboarding can be ridden in many different places such as rivers, lakes, and even the sea. 

Depending on how much you love the feeling of an adrenaline rush, the location, and environment in that you operate your paddleboarding will vary. If you are considering starting paddleboarding as your chosen extreme sport, there are many paddleboarding schools across the UK, where you can receive paddleboarding lessons. 

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is the perfect way to experience the British countryside, with so many beautiful parts of the UK to see, mountain biking won’t be short of these sights. The UK also has a number of amazing biking trails. Even if you are only just a beginner there are plenty of trails for everyone to enjoy, ranging up to trails for expert mountain bikers. If you’re someone who loves the more extreme side of mountain biking then trying downhill mountain biking will be the right fit for you, this kind, of course, tends to be more intense. 

Gorge scrambling

If you’re wanting some lovely UK scenery but from a much different viewpoint than mountain biking, then gorge scrambling could be the one for you. With this extreme sport, you’ll be able to venture under waterfalls, explore caves and have the chance to be at one with nature. Gorge scrambling guides can offer you different routes based on your experience and how much you love the thrill. However, gorge scrambling can still be experienced by anyone, whether you’re just a beginner or an intermediate. 

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a very popular sport in the UK, with so many different locations dotted around the UK for rock climbers to visit. You’re spoilt for choice. There are many different centers that provide rock climbing walls for beginners, or for any children that are wanting to start out. If you already feel as though the rocks are your home, Scotland and Cornwall are the suggested best places for you to try out in the UK. 

River bugging

Lastly, we’re finishing with a new extreme sport that has arrived in the UK just recently. This extreme sport has been brought over to the UK from New Zealand, if you love getting right into the waters, then river bugging is the one for you. This sport is where you ride in your own ‘bug’, which you sit within whilst riding down white water routes. This extreme sport takes a lot of skill to be able to steer your way around the crazy bends you could face from the white waters, whilst making sure you manage to stay in your bug. There is now the opportunity to take part in the new extreme sport in Scotland for anyone interested. 

We hope this list has inspired you to try a new sport or to adventure even further around the UK. The UK has so much to offer, with many different sights and different places to go. If you’re an adrenaline junky and you’re thinking about trying or starting a new extreme sport or already taking part in one, you may be interested in extreme sports life insurance. If so, Sports Financial Services can help as a specialist extreme sports insurance provider, they can give you the right cover at the best rates. Extreme sports can tend to be hazardous, therefore having some sort of protection can be important. When taking part in an extreme sport it is always important to be prepared the best you can and to try and be as safe.

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