Overhang Plus Size Pregnancy Belly


During pregnancy may be due to hormone issues or some other reason women are extremely self-conscious. One thought is that, whenever you look at pregnant women on a television screen or in a Magazine, they have perfectly D-shaped bellies. But is this hot mama figure practical for all women around the world?

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Absolutely not! Women have different kinds of bodies and during pregnancy, each Woman has different sizes, colors, and shapes of bellies. Especially plus size pregnancies have lots of stretchmarks, shape radiations, and overhung pregnancy bellies that more looks like a B than a D. Is it a topic to become anxious about your body? I don’t think every woman should impress their pregnancy bum gracefully no matter what body shape they belong to.

If you are stressing out about your body changes during pregnancy then this article is all you need to read. Here is detailed information regarding plus-size pregnancy bellies and how to deal with them.

Types Of Pregnancy Belly Shapes

Although the most common pregnancy belly shape is a watermelon-shaped bump. Still, there are many other types of pregnancy belly shapes as well including

  • B or D Shape

If I compare both the shapes with fruits then a B-shaped belly is similar to a pear and a D-shaped belly is similar to a watermelon. These belly shapes during pregnancy are based on the position of the fetus. If the fetus has got a position with its back towards the spine then it may be a D-shaped belly. However, if the fetus is in Head down position back towards the belly button then it is B shaped belly.

  • Setting High Or Low

Majority of the people consider a high or low belly With carrying a baby boy or a girl but it is nothing more than a myth. The setting of the belly low or high completely depends on where your placenta is located and a bit of the baby. If the weight of the baby is more the belly will most likely be set lower.

Other than these two there are some more belly shapes such as petite, boom, and slender. Apart from it, there are some subcategories as well.

Tips For Overhang Plus Size Pregnancy Belly

Following are some of the things you should know if you have a plus-size pregnancy belly overhanging.

  • Health Risk 

According to many pieces of research, being overweight has a drastic impact on pregnancy health. If you are overweight during your pregnancy the first risk doctor will tell you about is gestational diabetes. this type of diabetes takes place in pregnant women who are not able to produce sufficient amounts of insulin.

You can also face some problems during labor and delivery. Women who are overweight most likely need Caesarean section due to high health risks.  If your baby is slightly overweight and there are more chances for a Caesarean. However, you should not be worried because every pregnancy is different. Even with overweight bodies, women have delivered the baby vaginally and they did not suffer from gestational diabetes as well.

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  • Baby Size

With the help of baby size, your gynecologist can better understand the growth of your baby. The baby’s size is estimated from the distance between the pubic bone to the top of the uterus with the help of fingers. It helps in a better understanding of pregnancy progression.

After 24 weeks of your pregnancy, the baby’s size in centimeters should be equal to the weeks of your pregnancy. For instance, if you’re 30 weeks pregnant then your baby’s size should be 30 cm. Sometimes if the baby’s growth is less or more it might be indicating a possible problem. If your baby’s size is appropriate according to your pregnancy weeks then there is no need to worry about overhung pregnancy belly.

  • Baby Bum Shape And Size

The appearance of a baby’s bum varies according to the weight and shape of the body. Women with pear-shaped bodies can show up their baby bum earlier than those with Apple shaped bodies.

For overweight mommies, the baby bump appears a little late and it will be B or D in shape. The baby’s bum shape has no impact on the overall health of the baby so you do not need to worry.

  •  Weight Gain

Most gynecologists advise oversize women to gain less weight during their pregnancy period. if a woman is not gaining excessive weight it can prevent many health complications for the mother and baby.

Whether pregnant or not, weight gain is usually a consequence of genetic problems, eating disorders, and unhealthy lifestyles which can have harmful effects on physical and mental health. So, if you have some extra pounds on your body then we will advise you not to gain more than 10 to 12 kg weight. However, these are suggestions you should only follow the instructions of your healthcare provider.

  •  Nutrition 

If you have an overhang pregnancy belly then the first thing your doctor will recommend is to consume a healthy nutritious diet. A healthy diet should be on your priority list throughout the pregnancy as it can help in weight management.

A healthy diet does not mean that you should starve yourself. Consume a well-balanced diet containing an appropriate amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and other micronutrients according to your height and weight.

Generally, we can see that you should consume lots of green vegetables, fruits, and dairy products throughout your pregnancy. The best option to fulfill your protein requirement is by eating lean meat and fish. You should also consult a nutritionist who can guide you more accurately.

  • Physical Activity 

If you wish to improve your health then the best thing you can do is add physical activity to your daily routine. you must be doing all your daily tasks but sometimes it is not enough. Exercise is not only good during pregnancy but it may also help you in labor and delivery.

You should be having physical activity such as some lightweight exercises, walking, yoga, meditation, or swimming in your schedule. These physical activities will help you in stretching your muscles and keep your body active.

  • Mental Health 

It is obvious that if you are overweight or going through any health risks definitely it will put pressure on your mind. But you must know how to cope with your stress and anxiety. some people like to exercise yoga meditation and pursue their hobbies to relax their minds.

If you are a plus-size mum you need to relax about it. Your mind may be exhausted so take out some time and perform your favorite activities such as swimming, painting, dancing, singing, or maybe cooking. Once your mind will be relaxed it will have an incredible impact on your general health.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

Most people connect health problems with Weight. to some extent it is true that excessive weight can lead to health risks. However, it is not always necessary that your health problems are related to weight.

There are many people who are plus size still, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and are way more healthy than slim and smart people. Rather than only counting on the weight scale your main motive should be to focus on your health and lifestyle. if you are consuming a healthy diet plan and including physical activity in your daily routine it will massively impact your body and brain.

Bottom Line

Usually, there is a perception that overhang plus size pregnancy belly can lead to health risks throughout the pregnancy period. You will find many articles on the Internet that will put a huge stress on your mind. According to them, plus-size pregnant women are mostly suffering from health issues throughout pregnancy. However, it is not always true.

In my opinion, your lifestyle and genetics can lead you toward any disease. Sometimes you are following a healthy lifestyle but due to genetics, you are on the risk borderline. While most of the time it is an unhealthy lifestyle that causes weight gain and health issues.

You should not be stressing out about your weight but rather finding ways how to improve your life. Consume a healthy diet and include physical activity in your daily routine. The most essential thing is that you take the opinion of a gynecologist. they will study your health condition and find the best solution for you.

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