M365 Pill: 5 Signs of Abuse to Look Out For


Doctors prescribe many powerful analgesics to treat moderate to severe pain. Unfortunately, many of them end up flooding the streets where people suffering from opioid use disorder and addiction can find them. The pill M365 is no exception.

The pill M365 is an intense combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone which carries a high potential for abuse because of the euphoric effect it offers users. Unfortunately, it only takes a couple of weeks for the body to become physically dependent on the drugs and a dangerous addiction soon follows.

Here are 5 warning signs of abuse of the pill M365 to be aware of.

Behavioral Changes

The first and probably most evident warning sign of abuse of the pill M365 is a change in a loved one’s behavior. They may be constantly stressed or unexplainably happy all the time. This is the very beginning of abuse which typically leads to more violent mood swings.

An easygoing attitude coupled with anger over little things is just one example of the type of mood swings that may be experienced in the throws of the pill M365 abuse. The behavioral changes are evident and not easy to hide from people who know you.

Larger Than Normal Pupils

People abusing the pill M365 will have largely dilated pupils which means the black part of their eyes will be larger than normal. Again, this is early in the use of the pill M365. Your body responds to the chemicals you ingest, including your eyes.

If you happen to overdose on the pill M365 or other opioids, then your pupils pinpoint and stop responding to light. This is a dangerous situation that requires immediate medical attention.

Prolonged Constipation

Abuse of opioids and the pill M365 cause changes in the digestive system which lead to constipation. People who are prescribed the pill M365 for chronic pain often have to change their diet and take something additional to combat constipation.

If you notice that a loved one has been acting differently and tends to always suffer from constipation, then there may be an underlying issue and they could be misusing the pill M365.

Trouble Concentrating

The use of the pill M365, especially prolonged use or abuse, leads to brain fog which can make it difficult to concentrate. People who abuse the pill M365 find it difficult to focus on a single task. If your loved one is typically quick and witty but suddenly seems to lose that sharpness, it could be due to the pill M365 abuse or dependence.

Empty Pill Bottles

When normal people finish a prescription, they usually throw the bottle away. People who abuse the pill M365 and other opioids tend to keep the pill bottles to easily transport the drugs. They typically don’t purchase a single pill but rather multiple pills or an entire prescription. If you find an empty pill bottle lying around or a medication bottle with someone else’s name on it, then your loved one could need help.

Be Aware of the Pill M355 Abuse

Improper disposal of unused medications contributes to the pill M365 availability on the street making them relatively easy to come by. When a loved one is abusing the pill M365, there will be telltale signs which can not be hidden. People who care only need to pay close attention to find out. If your loved one never has any money and exhibits any of the above signs of the pill M365 abuse, they may be in the throes of addiction and need help.