Lume Deodorant Reviews


It’s normal to hear about naturally made shampoos, hair oils, or face scrubs, but a natural deodorant seems unusual. Products like face serums, masks, or body oils applied directly on the skin might only suit some. The reason that there are uncountable brands is that only some of them work well for some individuals. Deodorants are essentials, and people love talking about their favorite scents, but they can also be reactive.

This information might be new for some of you, but some deodorants are also made with natural elements to reduce the risks of any skin reactions. Lume is one of the well-known brands that develops deodorants for the whole body.

Their products are most trusted because an ordinary person does not produce them but a verified gynecologist, Dr Shannon Klingman. She came across the idea of inventing this product by seeing her patients facing odor problems. And with that, Lume deodorants are now part of the perfume industry.

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Lume deodorants are designed specially to be used on the whole body. Like every other body spray, Lume also helps to remove the foul odor but is not restricted to being used on hands, necks, or armpits only.

Dr Shannon Klingman formed this product as a concern for women’s odor. The goal of the deodorant is to seal bacteria from undergoing the skin. The Lume deodorant can be used around any body parts you want to remove the odor, including the private parts.

The product lasts over 36 hours and does not contain elements like baking soda and aluminum. Most people fear using the deodorant on other body parts, like around their belly button, knees, and thigh cleavage, because they doubt it might affect their skin. But Lume deodorant is made to be used on any part of the body.

Does Lume work? Of course, it does. You can rely on this product because a professional doctor develops it. Secondly, the product contains Mandelic acid, which helps cut off bacteria from your skin and works as an exfoliator. The use of these elements helps to make skin smoother and also soak up all the extra oils from the body that results in spreading the odor.


Knowing how the product should be used and what it does is crucial. The Lume deodorant does not contain any toxic substances and is completely paraben-free. It is recommended that the product should be applied after showering or on clean skin to feel clean and fresh, but you can also use the deodorant on dry skin.

The product has different categories. It comes in cream and stick form. The formula of all the variances of deodorants is light and creamy and can be blended easily. The cream stick and cream tube can be applied with the help of fingers, while the solid stick can be used directly on the skin. The products are lightweight and can be carried anywhere easily.

Talking about the scents, Lume has a lot to offer. Lavender, berry, rose, spruce and unscented. You can pick any smell that makes you feel lively and fresh.


Even though the deodorants are long-lasting and have a good quantity, cream-based products can be used for months as you are supposed to use only a tiny amount, and they will blend all around the body part. Lume also offers different shopping bundles, which are less expensive than a single product.  

There are not many side effects of Lume deodorant. But if you observe skin irritation or itchiness, stop using a product for a few days and notice the difference. If your issue continues, it would help to switch to another product or consult your doctor before using the deodorant again.

Even though these deodorants work for many customers and are popular because they generate compelling results, what about the views that make them unfavorable? ‘Lume deodorant negative reviews’ is a real twist. Some customers claim the fragrances could be more pleasing, and some scents smell very odd. Most importantly, the brand states that the product lasts up to 72 hours but does not stay true to its statement. The longevity of the product varies. If you are having a busy day working at places or going to the gym, then the deodorant lasts a minimum of 35 hours.

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Lume deodorant is a medically approved product that can be used on any body part. It is made mainly of organic elements that do not harm the body. These deodorants are made especially for breaking out external oil and bodily odor.

Most Lume deodorant reviews are hopeful and will quickly convince you to try the product. But, some people did not like the deodorant fully because of its scent. However, if you are searching for any deodorant that can be easily applied to other body parts, then Lume is worth trying.