Kill Tooth Pain Nerve in 3 Seconds Permanently


What does it feel like when you have all your favorite dishes on a platter but cannot taste them because your tooth doesn’t allow it? This might sound a little weird, but toothaches can be the worst. Tooth pains are one of those pains that disturb your entire mood. To recognize tooth nerve pain, you should keep in mind a few points. If you notice hot and cold sensitivity while eating food or intense pain while chewing, this indicates the pain is due to a nerve. Moreover, constant food stuck between your teeth and swollen gums is also the reason for tooth nerve pain

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If you are facing issues like sleepless nights, improper food intake, and constant irritation because of your toothache, and you are looking for instant relief, we have a solution. Continue reading as we will discuss how to permanently kill tooth pain nerve in 3 seconds. 


Before we start with the options for quick relief of tooth pain nerve, it is necessary to identify the type of toothache first. Begin with your treatment depending on how mild or heavy your pain is. Before deciding to follow any tip, refer to your dentist first to identify whether you need any specific treatment or whether it can be recovered with other methods. Some of these methods include: 

  • Root Canal Process: The nerve is removed directly from the tooth to give instant relief to the patient. The procedure root canal therapy can be executed after proper consultation and by your dentist only. 
  • Removing the tooth: Another method includes the removal of the tooth that is causing the pain. This process can be carried out after the dentist’s recommendation only. 
  • Use of cold packs: Cold packs are the most commonly known ways to be used for pain relief. Using an ice bag can help to overcome toothaches and minimize the pain. Keep moving the cold pack around the painful area on your face for 30 minutes. You can carry out this process two times a day for instant relief. 
  • Try rinsing your mouth with salt water: This is one of the easiest ways to approach this while sitting at home. No such essentials are required. You use a bit of sodium chloride from your kitchen daily in your meals. If you are not aware and before you start memorizing your lab practical containing NaCl in chemistry labs, it’s just the simple salt. Add one tablespoon of salt in hot water and rinse through your mouth. It will give you some relaxation. 


Out of several techniques discussed above are those ways that will help to minimize the pain either temporarily or permanently but require time. Following are the steps to kill tooth pain nerve in 3 seconds permanently

  1. Start with using the anbesol gel. This gel is used for controlling the pain associated with teeth.
  2. Tie up the dental floss around the tooth-paining area, and then pull out that floss immediately within a second.
  3. This is how the tooth will get removed, and your pain will go off permanently. 


Tooth pains always cause discomfort and sometimes annoy the person suffering from the pain. You can always look forward to the home remedies discussed above. If your tooth hurts badly, then you can also follow the process to kill the tooth pain nerve in 3 seconds permanently. Discover the type of tooth pain and work accordingly to eliminate the dullness and kick off a fresh start with a big smile.

However, if the pain persists, it is recommended to visit a dental professional. You can check out this dentist in Ballantyne NC to get started.