How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Eat A Burger?


It can be challenging to control your food choices, especially after dental surgery. Oral hygiene is essential, and you should care for your teeth. Sometimes even after taking special care, you have to undergo surgeries you might not be assuming. 

The wisdom tooth removal is one of the operations used when additional teeth begin to emerge but cannot develop normally due to a lack of available space. In some cases, there is no need for extraction as the tooth comes out properly, but in most cases, patients have to go through the surgical process.


It is not easy to eat after you have been through tooth extraction. Even though people prefer to intake their favorite dishes mainly when feeling under the weather as sickness is normal after any surgery. The most common question people ask after their operation is, how long after wisdom teeth removal can I eat a burger? It is recommended to be patient and begin with light food to avoid any complications, according to the best dentist in Charlotte NC.

Right After The Surgery

At least for up to the next 36 hours, avoid food that needs to be chewed. Only take liquids like shakes, juices, milk, soups, and pudding. These light and soft liquid foods can be gulped and will not cause any pain. The best food you can eat at this time is Ice cream, which will help to soothe your wound and elevate your mood. 

Eating rice, sandwiches, or any other food like this can be risky and result in excessive bleeding, which can affect the operation and turn out dangerous. 

After 24 hours, you can also take caffeine but ensure your tea or coffee is not too cold or hot. Do not take iced coffee; too chilled drinks can cause sensitivity issues. Also, follow the same routine you planned on the surgery day. 

Two Days After The Surgery

As time passes, the process starts getting better. After almost two days of undergoing the wisdom tooth extraction, you can now take solid foods. Cereals, boiled eggs, yogurt, and cereals are food items you can eat at this initial stage. Note that the food you eat should not be too hot, eat your meal when it is cooled down. 

8 To 10 Days After The Surgery

Now almost two weeks later, the healing process gets so much better. Now you can consume average food but ensure it is relatively easy to chew. Soft fruits and vegetables like bananas, mangoes, cucumbers, and boiled potatoes could be significant. Along with that, you can also eat cooked chicken or meat that is soft enough to chew. 

You can add bread and cheese to your list to consume proper potions. Ensure to bring the food to room temperature before eating, as warm food could increase pain and discomfort. 

2 To 3 Weeks After The Surgery 

At last, you can finally binge! By this time, you can eat whatever you like. Pizza, burgers, cooked meat or chicken, rice, fried chicken, wraps, and anything you love. However, you have to be cautious while eating. Eat slowly, take small bites, and be careful that the food does not move on the side of the injury. Eat in portions to eat comfortably, and do not rush the process.

Moreover, keep rinsing with mouthwash and salt water so that your mouth remains clean and no food pieces get stuck around the teeth. 


You don’t have to be attentive only during or before surgery. Most importantly, you should be aware of its side effects or symptoms that are necessary to know. Sickness is expected after every surgery, but sometimes the intensity of the symptoms can get higher than usual, which becomes risky. 

  • Swelling and soreness in the mouth and cheeks are normal and go away after a week, but if it keeps increasing, you should get a check-up. 
  • Observe how much you are bleeding, as extra bleeding can be dangerous.
  • You can feel tingling and numbness around the skin for a short time.
  • This surgery is excruciating, mainly after it’s done, but if the pain is not relieved even after taking the recommended medicines, it is necessary to consult your doctor. 
  • You might observe some displeasing taste in your mouth for 2 to 3 days after the extraction. 


Even though this tooth extraction has no major effects, being well-informed about sure signs is significant. 

  • Stay alert if you observe tingling around the tongue and cheeks, as it can cause nerve damage. It might not lead to another injury as numbness is common and goes away in a few days. 
  • One of the expected effects of teeth extraction is dry sockets. It happens due to blood clots at vacant teeth sockets. The pain starts in the mouth and can spread to the ears, which is quite uncomfortable. Dry sockets commonly happen to those who smoke a lot and do not wait longer after the surgery has been carried out. Women who use birth control pills are likely to experience the dry socket. 
  • Some minor infections can occur due to the spread of bacteria in the empty socket through food. It can result in light fever and uneasiness, which improves with prescribed medication. 


It is not over once you are done with the surgery. Make sure you follow these tips to recover quickly. 

  • Do not smoke after removing the wisdom tooth for at least 3 to 4 days. The use of tobacco can cause complications. 
  • You may use mouthwash or salt water to clean the mouth but do not use a teeth brush for a few days until the swelling reduces. The meeting can touch your wound, and the pain can cause bleeding too. 
  • Keep a water bottle with you and drink lots and lots of water. Avoid soft drinks and caffeine for a minimum day. 


Wisdom teeth extraction is a commonly known process; everyone knows why it’s done. Since the surgery is linked to the mouth, you must take care of the food you are consuming to avoid any problems. People get more concerned about food consumption and often ask how long after wisdom teeth removal can I eat a burger

Initially, starting with juices, soft foods, and scrambled eggs would be best. After a few days of surgery, you can start eating proper food. Along with that, prevention after the surgery is necessary. Follow the essential steps if you cannot wait for the juiciest and most tender burger to fulfill your cravings.