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As people desire to look more attractive and beautiful, cosmetic surgeries have become a general norm these days. To get the best-advanced treatment and facilities, people search for the plastic surgery place famous for their expertise.

J sweat plastic surgery is among the well-known places that provide surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. If you want to choose this place for your upcoming plant plastic surgery but you are confused as you do not know much about it. This article is all you need to read. Here, we will tell you all about J Sweat plastic surgery.

Who is Dr. Jeffrey Sweat

Dr. Jeffrey Swift was born in Kansas and got the majority of plastic surgery-related training from there. He enrolled in the University of Kansas a state for undergraduate training in life sciences. He has also done minors in business and Spanish. Later, he joined medical school in Wichita. Then from the University of Kansas Wichita, he did a general surgery residency in 2006. He got his certificate in 2007.

After working in different organizations and practicing Cosmetic reconstructive surgery he decided to open his own private practice. In 2015, his dream of owning his own place came true with the name of J sweat plastic surgery.

What is J sweat plastic surgery?

J sweat is a plastic surgery clinic that provides different surgical and nonsurgical procedures. They provide you with the best atmosphere where you can build trustee relationships with your physician. Your physician gives you the best advice related to the facial or body procedure you want to go.

Not only advice but professional expertise, they try to bring your expectations into reality. If you were considering visiting J sweat plastic surgery for any kind of cosmetic surgery then it is the correct decision and we bet you won’t regret it.

What Services Do They offer?

We have discussed about they do the best job in their field but now the question is what services do they provide? Following is a list of procedures offered by J Sweat plastic surgery.

Surgical Procedures

  • Body 


Tummy talk 

Mini tummy tuck 

Mommy makeover 

Brazilian butt lift 

Arm lift 

Thigh lift 

Body lift 


Natural fat transfer

  • Breast 

Breast lift 

Breast augmentation

Breast lift with augmentation

Breast revision 

Breast reduction 

MDF rest augmentation

  • Face 

Double chin fat removal

Liquid facelift 

Neck lift 

Eyelid surgery 

Upper eyelid 

Surgery lower 

Eyelid surgery 

Laser resurfacing

Ear pinning

Liquid rhinoplasty

  • Men


Body lift 

Arm lift 

Thigh lift

Tummy tuck

Mini tummy tuck


Eyelid surgery 

Penis enlargement

Nonsurgical procedures

  • Laser 



Cool Sculpting

Laser hair reduction

Pixel laser 

Laser resurfacing

  • Injectables



Juvederm vollure

Juvederm voluma

Juvederm Ultra XC 


  •  Wellness 

PRP therapy

P-shot & O-shot 

Vit B12 injections

  • Skincare

Chemical peel

Derma planning 

Skin evaluation 



Medical Grade facials

Physician grade products

Revision products 

Waxing services 

Skinmedica products

Bottom line

If you are planning to visit J Sweat plastic surgery, we hope that this article must be helpful to provide you with all the information you need to know about them. However, it doesn’t mean that we encourage cosmetic surgeries, you should always love the way you are and be confident about your appearance.

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