How Probiotics Can Help You Lose Weight


Did you know that your body is a melting pot of bacteria? While this may be intriguing and even a bit upsetting, it can be comforting to know that not all of these bacteria are harmful. Actually, a good chunk of these micro-organisms is quite beneficial to the ecosystem of your gut micro biome. You won’t be able to function as efficiently as a well-oiled machine without the valuable input of these microbes. Nonetheless, you may be wondering how the presence of over 100 trillion bacteria connected to how fast one can shed excess pounds. Well, let’s see.

What Affects Weight Loss?

Truth be told, how much you weigh at any given point is a collection of several contrasting factors. While most people mistakenly assume that the relationship between the number of calories that we take on a daily basis and how fast we can lose weight is mutually exclusive, in reality, it usually more complicated than that. If anything, here’s a quick primer of other little-known factors that have a significant bearing on your weight loss efforts.

·         Genes and family history: Obesity and propensity typically run in families, which suggests a genetic connection. If anything, your chances of being obese or overweight increase dramatically if one or both of your parents are already overweight themselves.

·         Age: Most people usually gain weight as they get older. As such, adults with a normal BMI in their 20s or 30s may find themselves starting to pack up some extra pounds unintentionally as they transition to their 40s and beyond.

·         Sex: While men tend to build up extra visceral fat around their midsection, women are more prone to store it around their buttocks and hips. This alone can affect how fast an individual can lose weight and become fit.

·         Physical activity and eating habits: You’re eating habits and level of physical activity can increase your chances of becoming overweight dramatically. Additionally, you are likely to find it harder to lose weight if you have a habit of taking a lot of beverages.

As such, you can see that incorporating a weight loss aid such as Wellabs Liquid Probiotics is massively important when you are trying to keep your weight below a certain hard limit.

What is a Probiotic

Simply put, probiotics are a collection of microorganisms that are usually intended to impart digestive benefits when consumed regularly. You see, while your body is full of bacteria, not all yeasts and microbes are necessarily harmful. On the contrary, this unique set is usually helpful in helping your body break down food to release the much-needed nutrients and facilitate optimum gut movement. Moreover, this fine balance between bad and good bacteria is key to keeping the following gut-related conditions at bay. This includes the likes of;

·         IBD – Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

·         IBS- Irritable bowel disease

·         Infectious diarrhea

·         Diarrhea triggered by antibiotics.

How Does a Probiotic help you Lose Weight?

At this juncture, you may be wondering how exactly a liquid probiotic can aid your weight loss efforts. There are several ways. For starters, by keeping the lining of the gut healthy, taking a probiotic can increase the efficiency of the digestive processes involved in the conversion of food taken into useful nutrients. This, therefore, means that you don’t have to binge eat as frequently in order to access the same level of energy as before.

Secondly, scientists recently stumbled upon evidence that there are particular strains of bacteria that have the potential to slow down weight gain. Actually, there even exist strains that may reduce waist size while others could aid in cutting back excess pounds. Thirdly, most experts agree that this colony of beneficial bacteria may affect your metabolism positively by helping your body do the following;

·         Absorb iron

·         Make vitamin K

·         Make biotin (vitamin B7)

·         Absorb calcium

·         Ferment fibers

·         Break down carbohydrates

·         Make folate

·         Synthesize short-chain fatty acids

·         Manufacture vitamin B12

While it may not seem like much on paper, the collection of these physiological reactions can be quite consequential in helping you keep your weight in check. The presence of short-chain fatty acids, for example, can help your body utilize energy a little bit more efficiently and tolerate the intake of sugar better. It could also aid in helping you suppress hunger pangs, consequently aiding in feeling full.

Wellabs Liquid Probiotics for Weight Loss — Pros and Cons

Now that we have summarized some of the ways that taking a probiotic can aid someone’s weight loss goals, it is only natural to pan our cameras to some of the pros and cons of integrating this supplement into your wellness goals for the purpose of weight regulation.


·         Regular intake of the supplement may aid your efforts to reduce appetite and limit fat absorption

·         Probiotics are known to tone down the risk of developing obesity by boosting one’s levels of fat-regulating amino acids

·         By supporting healthy digestion, the consumption of probiotics is essentially linked to lower chances of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), diarrhea, and constipation


·         The supplement is a bit more expensive than other liquid probiotics with prebiotics on the market

·         Not all strains of microbes incorporated in this supplement can help your weight loss efforts

The Overview

There’s no denying that there is a lot of ongoing and past research that points to how taking friendly bacteria probiotic liquid can help one’s weight loss efforts. Studies show, for example, that strains that make up the lactobacillus, VSL#3, and bifid bacterium families can be especially effective in weight loss management. Having said that, taking a probiotic is generally a wise choice for your overall digestive health even if you are not looking to shed a few excess pounds.

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