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Whether it’s a medical history or academic record, keeping track of them is crucial. Piling up the files of records is accessible, but finding the required one out of the stack is a task. Just like all the history of bank accounts gets stored in its mobile application and makes work less complicated, health records can also be maintained together in one application. Healthcare platforms are rare; few people know about them and their working benefits.

Speaking of, MyChart Plus is one online platform that helps save all the previous and current medical records. The tool is beneficial for picking out any information related to health at any time. The application allows a personalized portal where users can save all their medical data for future analysis.

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Method for accessing mychart healthcare portal

Hartford Healthcare application requires a few steps to log into the portal. Below is the step-by-step procedure to access the health chart application.

Step 1: Open the Website

First, go to your internet browser and search for MyChart’s official website. After accessing the website, you will see the login page to start with the procedure.

Step 2: Start Listing Your Details

To log in to your account, you must enter a username and password for your healthcare account. These details will then be used during the following stages of registration.

Step 3: Verification

A couple of fields should be filled in after finishing the username and password so that there is a confirmation of the user’s identity. These include your identifiable information, such as your age, date of birth, gender, and email. Before proceeding to the next step, you will be sent a verification code via your email address or contact number for security and protection purposes. After a user enters his/her code, he/she can proceed further.

Step 4: Analyze the Dashboard and Other Features

Now, you can access all the properties after a successful login. All your medical information and records will be captured on a dashboard. On this platform, you will be able to contact your doctors and search for the required prescriptions.

Ways to retrieve the username and password of healthcare mychart

These are the steps you should follow in case you forget your prior portal setup information (usernames and passwords).

To recover the username:

  1. First of all, access the login page and click on the ‘forget username’ button.
  2. Secondly, on clicking the button, you should input details of your account registered in your record. Then click ‘Submit.’
  3. In the third step, you will get a pop message on the screen. The message tells you that as long as your information corresponds with any existing registered account, you will be provided with a new username within one day. If you are not getting any email, then feel free to connect with the customer service representative who will address your concern.

To recover the password:

1.                         Go to the login page and click ‘Forget Password.’

2.                         A code will be sent to your registered email in the healthcare account after a few seconds. The code is used for verification and security purposes.

3.                         After verifying your account, you can reset your password and use the portal again.

Benefits offered by Hartford Healthcare portal

Usually, people keep records in their medical files, but someone who gets regular checkups and medical tests gets tons of reports stored in their drawers. It sometimes gets challenging to maintain all reports together; thus, MyChart is a rescue.

–          MyChart provides the facility to schedule appointments with your healthcare specialists. You can set reminders to get notified about your visits and appointments.

–          Besides maintaining all the medical history, including tests and x-rays, the platform allows users to connect directly to their doctors through messages and discuss their queries.

–          All information saved in the portal is secured. Every patient can store their data without any fear of losing it.

–          Patients can also track their medicines and prescriptions.

–          The application is not only beneficial for patients. It also allows doctors to keep a check on their patients, update their medication, and monitor their health until their next visit.

Tips to know before using mychart application

MyChartPlus login, Hartford Healthcare, is simple if you understand some points beforehand.

–          Users who are 13 years old or older can register for the portal with the help of an activation code provided by MyChart. Users who are 18 or older can register without a code. They can sign up and set their usernames and passwords.

–          Ensure you sign up for the account after complete verification if you sign directly without any code.

–          While logging in or changing credentials, you can contact the technical team for assistance if the system needs to identify your details.


The Hartford Healthcare MyChart is an online portal that helps to maintain medical records. The application is easy to sign up for and access. You need to enter a few details and get verification to log in to the portal.

MyChart is helpful for patients to save all their record lists of medicines, keep track of their appointments, and, most importantly, it allows you to communicate with their respective doctors whenever required. The platform is highly efficient for everyone who needs to remember to pile up their medical files and needs help tracking their medication time properly.

The application can be accessed by anyone, regardless of their age. However, there are some rules to follow and keep notes of for safety and security.