Are Disposable Vapes Safe? Demystifying The Industry Stigmas


We live in an era where most things we try to do are easily accessible and relatively affordable. In the case of satisfying our nicotine cravings, we no longer have to take smoke breaks on balconies, we can just take a drag from a vape. Disposable vape nowadays, is the new hip thing and everyone joining in on this trend. 

Over the last couple of years, many smokers have transitioned to vaping as a means of cutting down on cigarettes. As a result, the market is flooded with various types, sizes, and flavors of disposable vapes. Unlike traditional vapes these disposables are an easy solution as you do not need to go buy replacement coils, you just buy a new one. 

This is the main differentiating factor when it comes to disposable vapes vs traditional vapes. They’re just convenient. Some disposable vapes might look a bit different and may give you the ability to charge them. So coming down to the pressing issue, with so many disposables to choose from, are disposables safe? Let’s dig deeper and find out.

Components of a Disposable Vape

The key components you will find in a disposable are a battery to power it up, a heating coil for vapor production, a tank to hold e-juice, and a mouthpiece to vape. The e-liquid in a disposable is a mix of nicotine, flavors, and base liquids such as vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol.

In terms of safety, disposables are on par with any other types of vapes you’ll find in the market. Yes, not all of them taste the same as each manufacturer has their own take on replicating a flavor. You must keep in mind they’re aimed for the short term for vapers who like experimenting with new flavors regularly.

How Safe Are Disposables Really?

The safety of disposable vapes has become the talk of the town ever since the market has been flooded with so many varieties. Where is this popularity, negative or positive, coming from? 

A lot of people worry that disposable vapes are unsafe because of extensive media coverage of their shortcomings. When any battery-operated devices are used, there is always going to be a risk of faulty ones popping up, and exploding in some cases. Nowadays there are many provisions manufacturers take to prevent overheating batteries and short-circuiting the chip inside.

Environmentalists have a different take on disposables. With so many disposable vapes being thrown out, they do make a lot of plastic waste. Disposable vapes with their batteries and plastic bodies do produce a waste issue but it can easily be contained if they are disposed of the right way. 

If not disposed of correctly they can release harmful chemicals that can definitely harm the environment and the people in it. There is also the case of them being fire hazards. These were an issue of the first generations of vapes, but nowadays the disposables come with advanced circuitry that can help prevent such fires. 

Counterfeit Products

When we say the market is flooded with disposable, we mean that at least 40 percent of these disposables are counterfeit. With a straightforward way to mass produce these devices, many small-time manufacturers cut down crucial elements that can eventually backfire on the consumer. 

  • Harmful Sub-Par Ingredients: Fake vapes can contain harmful chemicals or substances that can pose dangers when inhaled or ingested. Some have been found to contain heavy metals like lead and chemicals like formaldehyde which cause severe damage to the lungs. Counterfeiters do this to reduce the cost of production to make them more appealing to the end user.
  • Lack Of Safety Standards: Most of these fake vapes are produced ignoring safety standards set by the economy. They look exactly like the genuine product so the average consumer can barely tell the difference. They may lack proper labeling, quality control thus elevating the risk of accidents. 

Given these risks, we advise you to buy products only from a trusted reseller or from the manufacturer directly.

How To Spot A Counterfeit Vape

It is natural to be concerned about counterfeit vapes but the good news is reputed manufacturers have come up with effective measures to tackle the problem. Here are a few ways you can spot  fake vape:


This is a common telltale sign for a fake vape. You will notice that fake vapes will almost always be cheaper than the original listed price of the manufacturer. Sellers might try to say that they got it in bulk but remember that a vape can never be sold at a price stated lower than what it is on an online page. If fakes are also sold at the same price as the original, look out for the following 


When buying a vape, closely inspect the brand logo with the original. Fake disposable vapes often have branding that will look slightly off, which can easily go unnoticed at first glance. You can do this with most vapes but even if a fake passes this test, proceed to the following.


Original disposables will almost always have added designs to their packaging to give a premium feel. For counterfeit manufacturers, this gets hard to replicate and will instead be very basic with misspelled words and overall low-quality packaging.


Fake vapes usually do not taste premium at all. You will notice that they will lose their flavor very fast and will be inconsistent with every puff. It will be easy to differentiate if you are a pro vaper, so beginners must proceed with extra caution.


Pay attention to the performance of the disposable vape when you purchase them. If it lacks vapor production the hits feel weak, as for a refund right away and if possible report the seller you bought it from.

Security QR Codes

A good way manufacturers help the end customer verify their purchase is through QR codes. These codes are usually hidden behind a film on the packaging. Once you can check the serial number on the manufacturer’s page, you can ensure that what you are buying is actually the real deal.


To sum up, are disposables safe? The short answer is yes but you have to be extra cautious when buying one. While there are valid concerns about these devices, many of them have been blown out of proportion in social media. Vaping is relatively less harmful than traditional cigarettes. 

There has been research done that proves vaping is a great means of cutting down on cigarettes. At the end of the day, a worry-free vaping experience lies on you. If you choose to get counterfeit products in order to save a few bucks, you’ll be quadrupling the damage you do to yourself. Always buy from trusted resellers and do extensive research before you finalize your next purchase!

Frequently Asked Question

How long can you store a disposable vape?

Disposable vapes can potentially go bad if stored for extended periods of time. It is advisable to use these products within a year of manufacture.