5 Factors Choosing a TV Protection Solution for Mental Health


TVs are undoubtedly at risk of physical damage that can compromise functionality, leaving you with high repair costs. This risk is at an all-time high in specific environments like mental health facilities. Thankfully, you can install TV protection solutions to protect the gadget. Unfortunately, the TV protection solution ideal for the facilities mentioned above isn’t the same as the rest. They have specific features that make the TV sets safe for patients or convicts. So, as an administrator, how will you select the protection solution? Here are the top five factors to consider. 

  • Material and Durability

Start by considering material and durability as they determine resilience to impact and long-term effectiveness. This is essential because such a facility can experience destructive, aggressive behaviors. Check if the protective solution is made from polycarbonate or high-quality steel. Such materials can withstand high impact with minimal damage. In addition, the protective solution should be durable for long-term effectiveness. Such a feature will make such a choice ideal and cost-efficient. 

  • Anti-Ligature Design 

Patients of mental health facilities are at high risk of self-harm, hence the need to consider anti-ligature design during the selection. Consider a special protective solution like a ligature resistant TV enclosure with smooth, rounded edges. They are also void of protruding components, minimizing manipulation to create points of ligatures. Additionally, they have sturdy construction and secure mounting mechanisms that limit tampering. You can get such unique TV protection solutions by reading the description or seeking assistance from a professional during the selection.

  • Ease of Maintainance 

It’d be best to consider ease of maintenance due to the high hygiene standards in mental health facilities. Consider and ensure that the TV protection solution has features like accessible spaces to make cleaning easy and prevent germs accumulation. It should also have features that enable easy access to authorized staff who must perform routine checks or adjust some settings. In doing so, you will get a TV protective solution that complies with the standards of such a facility. 

  • Compatibility 

Compatibility will also be crucial to ensure that the TV protection solution fits the specific TV model well; hence, you must consider it. Doing so will enable optimal functionality because remote control and output connections will be possible. Compatibility will also ensure proper fit and alignment. While at it, you will consider the TV model and size besides the accessibility control. You will also check if the protective solution offers compatible mounting options for the facility’s TV model. 

  • Customization Options

Consider customization options because such facilities have patients with various needs that may require tweaking the protection solution to accommodate them. Therefore, consider a protection solution that can allow customization of mounting configuration. You can tell about such features by reading the description on the producer’s official page. Seeking clarification would be best if you are not sure. 

TV sets in unique environments like mental health facilities are at high risk of damage. Thankfully, there are TV protection solutions that can protect the gadgets. The only problem is some aren’t compliant with such facilities. That’s why you should use the information you have read and select a protective solution like a resistant TV enclosure that is safe and functional.