Natural Ways to Combat Hair Loss – A Brief Guide


Losing your hair is a devastating experience as it doesn’t only affect one’s appearance but also their mental and emotional health. If you are experiencing hair loss, you might want to try natural remedies before opting for medications.

Here are a few things that you can do to prevent hair loss and even regrow your hair.

Two Main Environmental Causes of Hair Loss

Fluoride in Water

If you consider the various elements that the hair is exposed to on a regular basis, showering might take the first place. While taking a shower, you are essentially exposing your hair to water. Now, water isn’t just water; it comprises certain elements, such as fluoride.

The fluoride in the water is not only a big contributor towards causing hair loss but can also cause acne. We know that fluoride is supposed to be good for teeth; it can actually damage the hair. Of course, you cannot stop taking showers, but you can improve the water texture by installing a shower head that filters out fluoride.

Fluoride can also cause hypothyroidism, and this thyroid condition can cause hair fall as well. So, you might want to get your thyroid checked to ensure that this isn’t the cause of the hair fall that you are experiencing.

Sulfates in Shampoo

You will want to be mindful about the shampoo you are using as it might contain sulfates, which can destroy the protein in your hair. We know that our hair is made up of at least 91% protein, and if your shampoo contains sulfates, it might be the cause of hair loss.

Sulfates can cause all sorts of problems with hair loss. So, make sure to get a sulfate-free shampoo. Speaking of shampoo, you will want to minimize the use of dry shampoo or use it only when it is absolutely mandatory.

Avoid shampooing your hair every day, and when you do, make sure to mix your shampoo with some water to dilute it. Use your fingertips to massage the scalp while shampooing, and avoid the scalp while applying conditioner.

Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Before you opt for medication, you will want to try out some effective home remedies that can counter hair loss and help you regrow your hair. The top hair fall mediations work in a certain way by blocking an enzyme that inhibits DHT, which is a potent form of testosterone.

This potent testosterone burns out the hair follicles, which then results in balding and a condition known as Androgenetic Alopecia in men and women.


Biotin belongs to the category of “B” vitamins, which are also available organically in the form of foods such as egg yolks and mushrooms. However, biotin supplements and biotin gummies are the more popular ways to consume biotin and fix thinning hair.

Biotin isn’t only effective for hair growth but also supports other body systems, such as skin, eyes, and liver. According to medical studies, biotin can also help with managing diabetes symptoms by helping the enzymes in the body perform their respective jobs, keeping them working as they naturally should.

Onion Juice

You will want to take onion juice and dilute it with water by having a 50/50 ratio. Take the diluted juice, rub it into your scalp, and let it sit for fifteen minutes before washing out the hair. Onion juice comprises extra sulfur that works as a potent support for thick and strong hair.

Onion juice can also prevent hair loss and promote collagen production, which helps with hair growth and healthy skin cells.

Rosemary Oil

You might have heard about the effectiveness of rosemary oil before, as loads of users swear by the effectiveness of this potent herb. Some even compare rosemary oil with “Rogaine,” except that rosemary is an organic way to prevent hair loss.

All you need to do is to take rosemary oil and massage it into the scalp with your fingertips. You will want to leave the rosemary oil in your hair for at least fifteen minutes before washing it out. You can also leave the rosemary oil in your hair overnight and take a shower the next morning to wash it out.

Green Tea

Green tea comprises a higher ratio of EGCG, also known as epigallocatechin gallate, which is some kind of polyphenol. EGCG is well-known for strengthening hair roots and stimulating the hair follicles for hair regrowth.

You will want to take dilute green teal with water by having a 50/50 ratio. Take the diluted green tea and massage it into the scalp. Similar to the onion juice, you want to leave it on the scalp for fifteen minutes and then wash it off with water. Green tea is also effective for soothing an inflamed scalp.