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How To Get Rid of a Pimple Fast? Having a pimple is a real ordeal, especially when it settles on our face for a few days. What to do when a button arrives? Are there any tips to make it disappear quickly? Rest assured the answer is yes! Today, we invite you to discover how to get rid of acne scabs on face overnight. Here are a few tips to get rid of acne.

Reduce Inflammation Acne Overnight

When a pimple tries to break through, it first creates inflammation. To combat it, several solutions are available to you. Start by applying an ice cube. Take an ice cube and gently run it over the swollen area. Repeat the operation every hour for a few minutes, before going to bed. Alternatively, you can use a tea bags that has cooled in the fridge – and drink a good cup of tea, while you’re at it.

The cold will soothe the tissues and smooth the skin. To complete, you can also opt for the self-massage which will restart blood circulation and reduce inflammation. Remember to always wash your hands well before massaging your face. Massage is to be avoided in case of skin lesions.

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Drying a Pimple

Drying a pimple is essential for it to go away quickly. To do so, all you need to do is apply toothpaste, tea tree oil, saltwater, or even crushed aspirin mixed with water. All these homemade recipes are beneficial and even miraculous since they make your pimples disappear in just one night. Attention, once again, the button must not have any lesions!

In supermarkets, perfumeries, pharmacies, and drugstores, you will find patches that will also help you quickly get rid of your pimples. They contain benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid.

Hide the Mark

Now that you’ve reduced the inflammation and dried your pimple, all you have to do is cover it up. To do so, use a corrector or concealer. You can also opt for skin tone correctors with green undertones that reduce redness.

Mistakes to avoid

Above all, do not pop your pimples. You risk releasing a lot of bacteria and multiplying the pimples instead of reducing them!

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