Restoring Flavour: How to Fix a Burnt Coil Vape Taste

As people become more aware of the dangers of smoking, many have switched to vaping which is believed to be less harmful. In addition, vaping offers vapers a wider range of flavours to choose from, different nicotine strengths and generally a more enjoyable experience.

Unfortunately, in the course of your vaping, you could sometimes encounter an unpleasant burnt taste from your vape device. This can really be a real put-off and it will make your vaping far less enjoyable or even unpleasant. Thus, it would help if you understand the possible causes of a burnt taste and how to fix a burnt coil in your vape. When you understand why it happens, you can avoid it, and deal with any burning taste when it occurs so you can enjoy a pleasant vaping experience.

What Is Vape Burnt Taste?

Sometimes you may experience an acrid or charred taste in the vapour you inhale from your vaping device. The burning taste can be described as unpleasant, harsh or even bitter and it makes the vaping experience less enjoyable.

Tips to help you fix burnt coil vape

There are several things you can do if you’re exploring how to fix a burnt vape coil. Below are some ways you can do it:

Ensure you prime your new coil

Whenever you buy a new coil, you need to prime it first. Allow it adequate time to soak up the e-juice before you start vaping. Priming a coil is pretty easy because it only requires you to fill up the vape tank or pod with your preferred e-liquid and then wait for five minutes or so.  If your e-liquid has a high VG percentage, you need to wait a little longer, maybe 10 minutes before you should switch on your vaping device.

Avoid chain vaping

Are you fond of taking several puffs in rapid succession? This is what is referred to as chain vaping and can lead to overheating of the coil and the production of a burnt taste. Luckily, you can prevent that by allowing enough time between puffs, so that the coil has a chance to cool down.

In addition, it is advisable to take shorter draws instead of prolonged ones. Sorter inhalations reduce the strain exerted on the coil and will give you a consistent flavour throughout your vaping session.

Use quality e-liquid

You should buy only quality e-juice from reliable manufacturers or brands such as ePuffer. High-quality e-liquids are made with premium ingredients that not only guarantee you a great flavour but also ensure your coil has a long useful life. It would be best to avoid low-quality e-juices as they may contain impurities which could interfere with your vaping experience.  Also, avoid expired e-juices.

Clean your coil regularly

As you explore how to fix a burnt coil taste in your vape, another thing you should not forget is to clean your coil frequently. After you have used your coil for a while, residue from the e-juice can build up on it and result in a burnt taste from your vape.

The good news is that doing some regular cleaning of your vape device can help sort out this issue. The cleaning process is pretty easy because all you need is to remove the coil from the vaping device and then use warm water to rinse it to get rid of any debris. Ensure your coil has dried thoroughly before you reassemble the device and start using it again.

Maintain an adequate e-liquid level in your tank

When you allow the level of e-liquid to get too low, the coil may not be properly soaked and this can lead to the burnt vape taste. It would be best to ensure you don’t vape with low e-liquid levels by constantly checking the level and refilling the tank as necessary.

Replace your coil

If you have tried various remedies to fix your vape’s burning taste and you have not noticed any change, you need to consider replacing your coil altogether. Coils get less efficient over time and lose their ability to vaporise e-juice, In this case, the only reasonable thing to do is get a new one. However, when you do get a new coil, allow it time to prime and install it properly to avoid getting the burning taste from your vape again.

Tips to prevent a burnt taste from your vape

Below are some preventive measures you can take to avoid future burnt taste incidents from your vaping device:

·         Regularly clean your entire device, including the mouthpiece, coil and tank.

·         Monitor the e-liquid level to ensure it’s not too low so you avoid inadequate wicking that can result in burnt coils and dry hits

·         Use high-quality e-liquids made of premium ingredients and free of contaminants


A burning taste from your vaping device can negatively impact your enjoyment of your preferred vape flavour so you need to know how to fix a burnt coil vape and avoid it. The above tips can help you deal with a burnt vape taste, but most importantly, always use quality vaping supplies from reputable brands.