All You Need To Know About Buttock Pain Cancer Symptoms


Body pains are regular and tend to happen to every other person. But some of these pains can be disturbing and require immediate check-ups. Buttock pain is one serious medical issue, as sometimes this pain can result in anal cancer. 

Pain in the buttocks doesn’t need to be a sign of cancer. If you have difficulty walking, sitting, or moving due to aches for extended periods, then it is better to refer your doctor. This pain can also likely occur due to constipation and intense workouts. For a clear understanding, let’s talk about the symptoms of buttock cancer. 

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Before you come to any conclusion, be mindful of the signs that you are observing. The buttock pain cancer symptoms include the following:

Bleeding: One of the significant symptoms of buttock cancer is anal bleeding. This bleeding from the anal area can be minor or significant. 

Formation of lumps around the Anal: Lumps are formed due to unusual cells that grow around the anal. The growth of multiple lumps is another sign of buttock cancer. 

Itching and Swelling: The itching around the area can increase or decrease over time. However, the swelling of lumps can be risky and should be treated as per consultation.

Cramps: Some symptoms include body aches, cramps, bloating, and stomach pain. The pain is caused because of blockage of the area around the anal. The excessive pain can also spread toward the lower back. 

Loss of weight: The body’s mechanism changes due to the growth of cancer cells. These cells tend to overcome the normal cells; thus, reducing the energy in the body results in weight loss. 


Cancer can be treated and diagnosed in different ways depending on the type of cancer. It is obligatory to refer to your doctor when you observe any symptoms for complete assurance. Your healthcare specialist can guide you better and identify your disease. 

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  • Your doctor will examine your body by touching the surrounding area to identify the lumps and inflammation. 
  • Endoscopy is also carried out for diagnosis. For this process, a camera is inserted inside to check the symptoms and collect the samples for further testing. 
  • Another way, known as an anoscopy, is also performed. In this procedure, a small tube containing light is inserted, which helps the doctor to view the area around. 
  • Different body scanning and CT scans are conducted to collect and test tissue samples.
  • The doctor also does the essential check-ups according to requirements, such as your heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and pulse rate. 


Smoking: One of the most dangerous habits developed among people nowadays is smoking. Even after reading and listening to this fact everywhere that ‘smoking is injurious to health’, some people take it very casually. In addition to this fact, note that the reactions formed by cigarettes are also the cause of cancer.

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Anal Sex: The anal sex increases the risk of anal cancer and results in many other infections. It is preferred to use condoms if you are having anal sex. 

Human Papillomavirus: One of the possibilities of buttock cancer rises in people who are HPV victims. 


Now that you have understood the buttock pain cancer symptoms and also the factors that can increase the risk of buttock cancer, you should look up your health attentively. Consulting your healthcare specialist should be on top of your list. After you identify your issue, be careful with your activities. 

You can also try to work yourself on reducing the risks of cancer. Quit smoking and alcohol consumption if you have not. Take a healthy diet and workout to stay fit and healthy. Lastly, always follow the tips and treatments as recommended by your doctor.