Amy Schneider Before Surgery

Amy Schneider before surgery

Amy Schneider before surgery and after surgery life has become a topic of discussion on the Internet. Amy Schneider went through gender change surgery in 2017 but people who know her since high school and college claimed that she was transgender.

After suffering from low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. In 2017, she finally decided to live the life she want. She is famous as the first transgender individual who took part in the jeopardy tournament of champions. Due to this in 2022, she received a Glaad special recognition award.

In her early life, she spent her life as a boy and man but later decided to live the life of her choice. Now she has completely transformed into a woman. Her life was full of struggles not only she was battling with low self-esteem but also misbehavior and bullies of people.

Despite all difficulties, she has been quite successful as a podcaster and reality TV personality. She even gracefully transformed herself from man to woman. According to her, it is not the sex or beauty that counts but it is the talent and effort of a person which takes him toward success.

In this article, we are going to tell you everything about Amy Schneider biography, early life, net worth, and Amy Scheider before surgery.

Amy Schneider Jeopardy Before Surgery

Amy Schneider before surgery images is not available on the Internet yet. But it is for sure that she had an appearance like a guy before surgery. Throughout her life, she was portraying herself as an ordinary man. 

However, after going through sex change surgery she finally decided to show the world what she actually desires to be, during her school days she suffered from a lot of bullies and was suffering from hyperactivity disorder.

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Amy Schneider Jeopardy Real Name

Amy Schneider real name is Thomas only her relatives and close friends knew about it. Although people think that Amy is her real name it is only a stage name and officially her real name is Thomas E Schneider.

Amy Schneider Birth Name

According to some reports, Amy Schneider’s birth name was Thomas E Schneider. She was Born on 29 May 1980 in Dayton Ohio. She attended Corpus Christi elementary school. When she was in 8th grade she got selected as most likely to appear in jeopardy.

Her father was a librarian. She has a brother named John. She belongs to a well-educated family. She herself is an engineer manager who currently lives in California. She is much dedicated to her profession.

Amy Schneider Husband

Amy Schneider currently lives with her lover Genevieve. The jewelry which Amy was wearing throughout the jeopardy streaks was a gift from her boyfriend.

Amy Schneider Wife

Amy Schneider partner was a female named kelly Anneken whom she married in 2004. but in 2016, when she realized that she is transgender and that she cannot live her life as a man. When Donald Trump was elected after that she divorced her wife.

Amy Schneider Bio

Amy Schneider age is 42 years old and lives in California. In 2016, her father passed away. Soon in 2017, when she find out that she is transgender she divorced her wife. Before 2017, she was living a fake life imprinting to be a man but then she decided to live a free life. Not much is known about her mother.

Is Amy Schneider Married

From 2004 to 2016, she was married to Kelly Anneken. And currently, she is in a relationship with Genevieve.

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