5 Life-Changing Moments That Call for Trauma Counseling


There are many reasons one may seek counseling today. Unfortunately, unresolved trauma is becoming very common. Trauma can be described as any event resulting in physical or emotional harm or the perceived threat of physical violence or death. When you experience trauma, it can be difficult to process the emotions that follow and move on with a normal life. 

This is often when trauma counseling can be effective. Trauma counseling can help you process the psychological and emotional effects of the event while using protective motor responses to discharge negative energy. Trauma counseling can help you move past the negative effects of a triggering event as you safely process emotions, so you can move on with a normal life. Everyone needs help occasionally, and trauma counseling can help you move past the tragedy in a positive direction. 

Here are 5 life-changing moments that can call for trauma counseling.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can be catastrophic and tragic, turning life upside down. Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters can traumatize those who endure them. While the disaster itself passes, the emotional turmoil left behind can take a toll on survivors. Trauma counseling can help survivors deal with the negative emotions associated with surviving these events so they can move on with their lives. 

Child Neglect or Sexual Abuse

According to statistics, 1 in 5 children under the age of 10 endures extreme neglect or sexual abuse. Unfortunately, these events can negatively impact emotional health, among other aspects. Trauma counseling can help people move past the fear and negative feelings associated with these events that were out of their control. 

Severe Auto Accidents

Severe auto accidents can leave people emotionally and physically scarred for life. They can unexpectedly claim the life of someone close to you and even leave you in a permanently altered physical state. You can never truly be prepared for a tragic automobile accident or its lasting effects. Trauma counseling can help you cope with the tragedy and deal with the flood of emotions that follow.

Domestic Abuse

According to research, 1 in 6 people experience physical domestic abuse. Domestic abuse can be especially damaging because the perpetrator is typically someone who is viewed as the victim’s caretaker. The person who is supposed to love and protect you the most is the one who is hurting you. Trauma counseling can help victims process the feelings and lasting effects that accompany domestic abuse before it does any more damage.  

School Violence or Shootings

Unfortunately, school shootings and other violence are becoming more and more common. These tragic events leave a lasting impression on young people who may find themselves helpless in these situations. Afterward, they must deal with the associated trauma and the tragic loss of friends and teachers accompanying the flood of negative emotions. Trauma counseling can be an invaluable tool to help victims deal with the unspeakable tragedy that follows school violence. 

Consider Trauma Counseling Today

If you or someone you love has dealt with an unspeakable tragedy that seems to still affect them negatively, consider trauma counseling today. Trauma counseling can help people process the emotions and negative feelings that accompany trauma triggers. It is possible to deal with these feelings in a positive manner and live a normal life. With the right help, you can move past these events. If you or a loved one have endured trauma in the past, consider trauma counseling today.