The Best Fitness and Workout Apps for Men in 2024


The best workout apps for men allow everyone to get fit and be healthy. Just check the list of the best workout apps for men free, create a training plan from ready-made programs in the database, and start training right now.

Do you dream of learning more about the best workout apps for men, but you don’t have enough time for searching? We are happy to help you and share the list of the most popular and effective applications for your phone. Here you can find everything you need – from the basic exercises for beginners to the advanced fitness levels programs. There are workout apps compatible with all types of mobile devices. 

Useful workout apps for men for gym training

When training in the gym, it is hard to keep in memory information about the number of workouts, sets, and exercises completed. Regularity of fitness classes and tracking the load are important criteria for obtaining results. Exercising in the gym under the guidance of a trainer is more effective. But if this is not possible, mobile applications can easily replace it.

Zing Coach™

Zing Coach™ is an innovative mobile application that is transforming the landscape of personal fitness training by integrating cutting-edge artificial intelligence with expert knowledge in fitness and wellness. Designed to make personalized training accessible to everyone, Zing Coach™ caters to individuals of all fitness levels, ages, and lifestyles.

Key Features of Zing Coach™:

Customized Workouts: Tailored to individual needs, goals, gender, age, lifestyle, and emotional well-being, ensuring a truly personalized fitness journey.

AI-Powered Training: The app leverages AI to create adaptive workouts, adjusting in real time based on metabolism, energy levels, and available time and equipment.

Accessible and Flexible: Ideal for those who struggle with gym access or rigid schedules, Zing Coach™ enables workouts anywhere – at home, in the park, or on the go.

Affordable Personal Training Alternative: Offering the expertise of a highly qualified personal trainer at your fingertips, it makes regular personal training sessions more accessible and budget-friendly.

Scientifically-Backed Methodology: Developed by renowned fitness and health experts, the app combines the latest in fitness science with traditional wellness wisdom.

Behavioral Techniques for Sustainable Results: Utilizing micro-learning theories, it encourages small, consistent steps towards achieving long-term fitness goals.

Personalized Motivation and Monitoring: Tailoring its approach to individual motivational needs, Zing Coach™ also tracks physical performance, energy levels, and metabolic rate, providing a comprehensive view of one’s fitness progress.

Highly personalized training experience.
Innovative use of technology for workout adaptation.
Enables exercise anywhere, anytime.
Makes personal training more accessible and affordable.
Trustworthy and effective training approach.
Promotes long-term fitness commitment and results.
Personalized approach to motivation and progress tracking.
Subscription fee may be a barrier for some users.
Subscription fees may be a barrier for some users.
Smooth and user-friendly interface.Occasional technical glitches may occur.

Your Coach

One of the best workout apps is “Your Coach” – an application with the most complete information about independent training in the gym. The content has many exercises to work different muscle groups, and most of the exercises are completely free. The programs are divided according to the fitness goals: gaining muscle mass, getting a ripped body, losing weight, and universal training. A quick workout section is also available for your daily fitness routine. Men are offered HIIT workouts, CrossFit, and stretching classes. You can get a lot of useful information on diet and get acquainted with other apps, including the best yoga app, meditation classes, and fitness-related topics from the articles in the app. The workout plans are designed for different fitness levels of training. There is also a possibility to add your lesson program to work at your own pace. The application does not require an Internet connection and is compatible with Apple Health. The virtual guide from the award-winning athlete includes hundreds of exercise videos, exclusive training programs, detailed nutrition calculators, and thousands of articles from nutritionists, doctors, and trainers.

The best free workout app takes a comprehensive approach and regularly reminds about proper nutrition and helps athletes stay motivated, constantly demonstrating recent results and records. “Your Coach” is available without prior registration and Premium subscriptions. There will be no problems either with watching videos or recommendations or with tracking statistics and choosing training programs. You’ll also have a chance to download workouts if needed. 

Pros Cons 
The possibility to create customized workoutsThe necessity to download large-format videos
Helpful tips and thousands of articles with analysis of equipment, injury prevention, and advice from an expertConfusing navigation in some menus and sections
Detailed strength training programImport and export of statistics often occur with errors or are unavailable
300+ exercises with instructions and recommendations for beginnersFrequent technical problems and crashes 
Built-in calculator for monitoring energy expended and calorie intakeIn-app purchases for meditation exercises
Detailed training diary with statistics, records, and achievements

Fitness Online App: Gym Workout Online

The fitness workout app is a virtual encyclopedia with interactive statistics, training programs, and detailed instructions for beginners who just started their fitness journey and are not gym rats. The developers give step-by-step recommendations: first, they immerse athletes in the basics of biomechanics and physiology and then talk about injury prevention and the work of various muscle groups. 

The instructions are presented both in text form and in the format of animated screensavers and videos. Additionally, there is an analysis of tasks on a local forum, and at the same time in chats with real-world class instructors.

Fitness Online supports communication in the news feed and private messages with other users, allows you to set and achieve fitness goals, share results in communities, look into the coaching staff, and view thousands of recommendations for those who dream of achieving the maximum.

Fitness Online has in-purchase payments. After completing demo programs, you need to sign up for Premium subscriptions. The monthly subscription costs $6.99. After payment, new workouts and settings will appear in the menu (including a dark theme), as well as tests, tasks, and complexes of advanced fitness levels.

Pros Cons 
Built-in diary for recording training results and following created fitness regimenIsolation exercises are given priority over basic workouts
Special encyclopedia including 550+ exercises with instructions and fitness gamesTraining programs for beginners are too easy
Section with menus and diets for beginners and performing athletesRare technical problems can interrupt training sessions
Detailed statistics with analysis of physical activity and recommendations
Ability to publish information about training in the news feed

Exercises Library for the gym — Apps on Google Play

Exercises Library is an interactive guide for beginners and professionals, detailing the specifics of strength training in the gym.

Developers of the app consider the load on each muscle group separately from the point of view of anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology and provide detailed recommendations for beginners. In addition to text instructions, the Exercises Library contains training programs for developing strength and endurance, as well as tips related to proper nutrition.

The Encyclopedia Exercises Library presents strength training as a serious task and doesn’t plunge beginners into the race for records and championship titles. The developers try to consistently talk about human anatomy, the importance of full-body workouts, and rules of behavior in gyms. Special tips include information about muscle function, joint mobility, the position of various parts of the body, possible injuries, and the consequences of constant training (development of the back, chest, and legs).

The fitness app is completely free, and it’s possible to use the best workout app almost without restrictions: illustrations, instructions, and training programs are available even without prior registration. Limitations include advertisements that appear periodically after or before training sessions. 

Pros Cons 
Detailed text instructions with illustrations and tipsConfusing navigation inside the library with exercises and workouts
Analysis of the work of muscle groups — chest, back, legs, biceps, triceps, absLack of recommendations related to working scales
An impressive collection of training programs for beginners and professionals

Daily Strength

Daily Strength Training is one of the most popular free workout apps for men. It includes an electronic diary for bodybuilders and powerlifters with detailed and interactive statistics, effective workout programs, and instructions for beginners and professionals, that help them stay motivated.

The developers offer training both in a functional style (CrossFit) and according to the classical strength method, sequentially loading the arms, legs, shoulders, triceps and biceps, chest, and back. It is not necessary to immediately choose a specific approach, you can experiment and combine ideas. The developers allow you to choose training programs and create custom workouts, experiment with the load and monitor statistics, view record statistics, and publish news in your feed, motivating friends and challenging competitors. Daily Strength handles almost every task with ease, easily adapting to the needs of athletes from any sport. All you need is to get a gym membership and choose your workout style. Bodybuilding, powerlifting, and even rowing – just add information about your recent activity and get closer to new records.

Daily Strength is available by subscription with a free trial. Without a Premium account, athletes only have access to basic training programs, an activity tracker, and a functionally limited configurator with tests. There are also advertisements in the Free version, which diligently interrupt the atmosphere of training sessions.

Pros Cons 
Programs for beginners and professionals with a variable lesson schedulePeriodic problems with translating the interface and instructions 
Exercise program support for powerlifting, bodybuilding, strength sportsExporting and importing settings, statistics and recommendations works with errors
Built-in library of 300+ exercises with video instructionsThe timer works with restrictions – you cannot add rest or warm-up time
Detailed statistics with results analysis and record tracker
The ability to synchronize the application with the Apple Watch

iGym Pro

The iGym Pro application is one of the best free workout apps available. It is a comprehensive electronic trainer that can be used on your phone or Apple Watch. In-app purchases are available to help you reach specific fitness goals. The app displays training statistics in graphs and charts, allowing you to track your progress. During a free trial, you can access a wide selection of pre-made training programs. The free version of the app lets you create your workout routine based on the results you want to achieve. With the timer, you can manage your workout time and record each approach in an individual log. Also, the best free workout app is ideal for beginners. It helps you master basic bodybuilding techniques. If you prefer using the best workout app, then this application will allow you to get a sculpted and strong body. Exercises for working out the whole body are presented in the form of a list, where they are arranged in alphabetical order, which makes the search much easier. The free version is available only with ads. The premium version of the best workout app for men gives you a chance to achieve better results in a short period. 

Pros Cons 
Timer, results recording.Sometimes saving an individual program causes difficulty 
Each program specifies the number of approaches, repetitions, and days of the week on which it is performedThe developers release technical updates too rarely
A detailed description of the exercise technique, animation, and video format


If you want to learn more about workout apps for men free, then have a look at FitProSport. This is an interactive fitness app with detailed statistics, animated instructions and voice prompts to guide athletes through their workouts. Useful tips help develop the correct technique and protect beginners from injury.

FitProSport also includes tests, a leaderboard, and even a news feed that gives access to friends’ results and information about the records of competing athletes. A sort of Strava or Nike Run Club, but for bodybuilders, weightlifters, and those who decide to join strength sports.

FitProSport is a great app that talks about technique, introduces exercise equipment, divides classes into days of the week, and checks the intensity of the load. 

Professional athletes will also like this app, as it tops the list of the best free workout apps for men. They can find supersets and circuit training, detailed progress statistics, a personal best tracker, and a built-in configurator with tasks. Moreover, they don’t always need to use a lot of gym equipment: horizontal bar and parallel bars, fitballs, dumbbells, and barbells, TRX loops are more than enough to achieve great results. 

Basic instructions and recommendations for beginners in FitProSport are available even without prior registration. But for additional benefits – protection from advertising and sports programs (with 3, 4 or 5 classes per week) — you have to pay. The cost of access varies — from $4.99 to $39.99. 

Pros Cons 
A guide with a collection of 250 exercises Problems with importing and exporting training programs and settings
Detailed instructions in the form of animated illustrations and text tipsNavigation inside FitProSport is worse than Apple Watch GPS
A set of pre-prepared training complexes of varying intensityTime from the stopwatch and timer is not displayed on the screen during training
Built-in calendar with push notifications and interactive statistics

Gym Done – Become stronger

Gym Done is a perfect choice for men who want to increase their fitness level and start training in the gym. There are strict recommendations about the rules of behavior in the gym, the technique of interacting with gym equipment, and even how to distribute the load for the week, month, and year ahead.

In addition to comprehensive background information, Gym Done keeps statistics, publishes results on a leaderboard, that allows you to share records on social networks, and at the same time dive into training cycles and even prepare for competitions.

Gym Done has built a comprehensive training environment that guides beginners and professionals alike to personal bests and, at the same time, to a healthy lifestyle and body, developed muscles, and athletic forms.

An integrated approach is expressed in examples of dietary nutrition, and the calculation of calories burned and consumed, in an individual approach to training (exercises are selected depending on the height, weight, and skills of each athlete).

There are no problems with motivation either. Some will be inspired by competitions with friends, some will be interested in weekly challenges, and others will enjoy achieving their fitness goals and keeping up with the path marked on the calendar.

The content presented in Gym Done is available with restrictions: without prior registration, the developers do not even allow you to view training programs and weekly challenges. And without payment, a fitness app can only pick up a couple of ideas for the next workout in the gym. Therefore, you can’t do without a Premium subscription. The cost of the Pro version starts from $16.99 per month.

Pros Cons 
Detailed instructions for beginners in GIF illustrations and videosPeriodic problems with registration, export, and import of settings
Workout Plans for Developing Endurance and StrengthThe absence of a trial period
A special system of individual lessons for each athlete
Analyze collected statistics using interactive graphs and charts

GymGuide – From beginner to professional

GymGuide is an interactive guide from the Adhocapp studio that can introduce beginners to a fundamental knowledge base. Developers can attract professionals with tests, and programs for training different muscle groups and offering various sports interactions, such as meditation courses, stretching classes, and yoga practice. 

App Features: Personal fitness trainer GymGuide provides access to text and video instructions, allows you to create personalized training programs, prepare for the new season, and even recover from injuries, smoothly immersing yourself in physical activity. 

But against the background of already familiar functions, the developers have added calculators (maximum or working weight, BMI, repetitions, load per week), integrated a system of intermediate tests, and even a leaderboard for off-season competitions.

The free version of GymGuide is not limited in functionality and almost does not interfere with training for those who have not subscribed to the Premium version. Athletes can view collections of tasks, compose complex ones manually, and even monitor statistics completely free. Problems will arise only with

advertising (videos and text ads appear regularly) and detailed analytics of records and results. The cost of Premium is $49.

Pros Cons 
An impressive database of 200 exercises with text and video instructionsRare technical updates 
Detailed training programs for beginners and professionalsEven in the Pro version of GymGuide, some content is unavailable due to strange error
Special tests for male athletesAdvertising interrupts training sessions too often
Built-in designer of training complexesAbsence of Apple Health synchronization
Analysis of collected statistics and a set of calculators for calculating goals and volumes

GymUp – A scientific approach to training

GymUp is an interactive diary combined with a virtual fitness instructor that helps beginners stay motivated, achieve amazing results, and challenge professionals or competitive athletes.

App features: The GymUp training diary has plenty of features. A detailed reference book becomes a guide for non-professional athletes. It contains hundreds of recommendations for beginners and professionals and includes an analysis of gym equipment, familiarity with exercise equipment, and the proper development of muscle mass. One more important functional feature is free programs for coaches and performing athletes. 

The training programs, exercise guide, and special video instructions presented in GymUp are available even without prior registration. You won’t need any subscriptions either: the developers allow you to freely train any time you want. Problems will arise only with advertising and statistics – recording information about approaches and weights and collecting recommendations in the free version is almost impossible.

Pros Cons 
Full support for fitness bracelets, Apple Watches, Smart bands, and heart rate monitorsThe iOS version of GymUp is limited in functionality and is updated less frequently
Built-in guide with video instructions and text recommendationsTechnical problems still prevent the manual updating of statistics
Large-scale library of training programs and competitive complexesImporting and exporting settings have limitations and often lead to errors
Manual setup of physical activity scenarios, supersets
Detailed analysis of collected statistics with recording of body parameters

BestFit Pro – Individual approach

BestFit Pro is the best free workout app with interactive statistics, detailed video instructions, and a special collection of challenges and intermediate goals that provide access to championship titles and intense training 4–8 times a month. The social elements of the application are also well developed: each athlete can share the results of their activity on social networks, set goals, and invite friends. 

App features: The BestFit Pro develops training programs individually for each athlete. A six-month physical activity plan includes muscle work, a change in diet, and additional tests to build strength and endurance.

Various parameters such as height and weight, desired intensity of exercise, injuries, and even personal preferences (less load on the legs, more on the arms) influence on the training program. After developing the workout plan, it’s recommended to focus on the quality of the exercises and training by the schedule

Content in BestFit is not available without a subscription: after a 7 or 14-day free trial period and calculation of an individual training program, you have to buy a subscription. The cost of a monthly subscription from BestFit instructors is $5.99. A paid subscription for a year will cost $59.

Pros Cons 
Training at BestFit is individually selected in the chosen stylePeriodic problems with payment: subscriptions cannot be renewed; workouts cannot be purchased
Constant support from a virtual trainer — motivation, advice, instructionsDifficulties with manually setting up training programs
Detailed statistics with activity analysis and recommendations for the futureNot all smartwatches, fitness bracelets, and heart rate monitors are suitable for exercise
Weekly changing challenges for beginners and professionals
Video instructions for working with simulators and a set of voice prompts

Stay fit at home — the best workout apps for men Reddit addition 

Freeletics — Workout & Fitness App. Body Weight App

Freeleticis one of the most popular free fitness apps. It contains lots of bodyweight exercises, and you can do them anytime when you have a couple of free minutes. You can choose ready-made programs or create your own. Each exercise comes with a video showing how to do it correctly and text instructions. For your convenience, timers and counters are built in. There is also a paid subscription with a free trial. The paid version offers the development of an individual fitness plan.

Fitbit Coach 

Fitbit Coach is also a great home free workout app, that is similar to Freeletics. It also offers workout videos but also has a radio with energetic music. A paid subscription gives access to personalized and private content.

Pros Cons 
The home workout program contains full-body exercises and some of the best yoga workoutsSome workouts may require equipment
Video explanations by professional trainersProblems with music uploading
Exercises vary in difficulty and user experience
The possibility to upload your training program or download someone else’s

Home workouts app

Home workouts app includes High-intensity Interval training, Cardio, HIIT, and Aerobics training with the ability to build custom workouts and control the duration of the physical activity and recovery phases, as well as select exercises. There are light cardio workouts from which you can gradually move on to more intense exercises. The application can count calories burned based on the body parameters of a particular user. The developer has other sports apps for training specific parts of the body and with different fitness tools, as well as yoga apps. 

The application is completely free and has pro-video guides, personal planes, and a wide range of exercises. If you want to experience more sports features such as, you can buy an annual subscription only for $ 39.99. 

Pros Cons 
The application includes training programs for every day for all major muscle groups Difficulty with finding a way to unsubscribe anywhere inside the app or on the developer’s website.
All exercises come with animations and instructional videosSometimes charging issues might happen
Warm-up and stretching programs, as well as automatic recording of training data

Tabata. Interval training at home

4-minute workouts fit perfectly into short breaks during work or between chores around the house. There are quick free workouts for tightening different parts of the body, and burning fat, and you can also put together your own program. Among other things, the user has a timer, calorie counter, statistics, own music, and integration with Google Fit.

Workouts are incredibly powerful and regular training can lead to good results in a short time period. The immediate pump and results after every session. The app doesn’t demand a subscription, it’s the best free workout app for training at home. 

Pros Cons 
Intensive short training The timer keeps running in the background when the app is open
It’s fully customizable, you can turn some of your favorite routines into higher-intensity workoutsRare updates
Descriptions of exercise techniques and illustrations

Athlete PRO. Training

A home-free workout app with in-app purchases for men looking for something simpler. This is a personal trainer with ready-made free workouts that can automatically select individual workout plans for the user’s fitness level. There are video tutorials, the ability to create your workouts, manual data entry, statistics, and other functionality that help proceed with regular training. 

A simple app also includes cardio and strength training, as well as voice prompts, animations, and meal planning. The application can be used for free, but there is a paid update that offers a wide selection of exercises to work with different muscle groups with the ability to plan classes for the week.

Developers of the app recommend interacting with Athlete PRO. Training in a comprehensive manner: choosing suitable training programs, adjusting the intensity of classes, and joining the sports culture. The app allows you to invite friends to start training together. 

Pros Cons 
A set of recommendations aimed at changing your dietRare technical problems lead to the reset of accumulated statistics
Flexibly customizable calendar with push notifications and tips
Partially implemented activity diary collecting statistics

Pilates workouts and exercises — Personal trainer at home (Google Play)

Application for “light” training. 60 Pilates classes that involve all muscle groups and allow you to develop flexibility of muscles, joints, and correct posture. There are detailed instructional videos, audio, and text descriptions. There are 6 programs of varying complexity to choose from and the opportunity to create your own. The developers have other fitness apps such as yoga app and aerobics.

100+ step-by-step programs from popular trainers with videos and professional tips. The free trial period is only for one week.

Pros Cons 
Simple but challenging exercisesSome users complain that Pilates exercises are randomly combined from one day to the next one
Suit for personal needsShort trial period and expensive subscription
Detailed video instructions and text recommendations

Nike Training Club recommends workouts for you based on the information you provide when you first sign up. While some apps stick to short sessions, Nike Training Club has workouts that last 30, 45, or even 60 minutes. The material is presented in the form of short videos showing the trainer doing the movement, with a voiceover giving advice and calling the time.

While many of the workout videos are free, you can upgrade to a premium version to get additional content. A premium account gives you access to coaching advice and guidance on nutrition and wellness. Finally, the app has a Nike Tanning Club store where you can spend some money on sneakers, gym bags, socks, and exercise equipment.

Pros Cons 
Interactive statistics showing progress over the week, month, or yearThe developers do not allow you to enter information about weight, body size, and calories
A special timer that counts and announces the time on the clockRare technical problems periodically interrupt training sessions
Synchronization between smartwatches and smartphone software 

Gym PocketGuide (WP)

Gym PocketGuide is a free English-language application for Windows Phone, created with the support of It contains ready-made 7-day workout programs for men aimed at lose weight or gain muscle mass. The impressive library contains more than 100 exercises with step-by-step instructions and illustrations. It is understood that training will take place using sports equipment. Creating personal training becomes available after purchasing the Gym PocketGuide Pro version ($4.99). A rest timer between approaches is added after publishing a link to the application on social networks.

There are 45 programs to choose from for fitness classes, depending on your goals and fitness level. It is possible to create your program and edit the finished one. Throughout the training, you will be accompanied by pleasant relaxing music and comments from the instructor. Before starting classes, the selected program must be downloaded from the Internet.

Pros Cons 
Detailed training programs for beginners, and professionalsCustomization of training programs is very limited
Text, voice, and visual prompts, instructions and recommendations
Built-in statistics of approaches, personal bests, and recent results

Abs Workout / 8 Minutes for Abs (Android, iOS, WP)

A free app for those who dream of a flat stomach and/or six-pack abs. The developers offer 13 ready-made workouts of varying fitness levels. For each program, a recommended training schedule has been compiled; you choose the training time yourself. After creating the program, the application will send notifications. Before starting the workout, you are asked to read the description of the set of exercises, its goals and features, and also watch the animation videos.

The application has a lot of free features, with the ability to purchase each workout separately (59–169 rubles). Otherwise, you will have to watch ads. You can purchase “Editor” and edit training programs: change the number of repetitions, recovery time, order of exercises, add/remove exercises, change trainer and music.

Pros Cons 
Detailed nutrition section, including dishes for vegans and raw foodistsAdvertising banners in the free version of the cover part of the instructions
Special daily and weekly challenge systemProblems with payment and subscriptions have not yet been resolved
Cross-platform support: workouts are available both in the browser and on the phone