Improving Swim Stroke Efficiency: Equipment Recommendations


Swimming is a wonderful sport that has several health benefits. If you are a swimmer and want to know about the equipment and gear that helps you to improve swimming technique then you are at the right place. In this article, I am going to tell you about the equipment and gear of which you should be aware as a swimmer. The equipment and gear recommendations in this article will also help you to buy a gift for a swimmer if you need it in your life. So, read this article from start to end to get useful information that helps you to enhance your swimming experience.

Equipment and Gear Recommendations for improving swim stroke efficiency

When it comes to swimming tools and gears, then there are several tools and gears available in the market that help swimmers to get a good swimming experience. If you want to improve your swimming performance then you need to be efficient in three things – Swimming techniques, Swimming fitness, and open water skills. The equipment and gears we talk about in this article will help you to enhance three things that are beneficial and needed by a swimmer. Some of the most important swimming equipment is mentioned below that help you to enhance your technique to swim:


A pair of swimming fins is a necessary gear that every swimmer uses especially at the beginning level. This tool helps swimmers to develop power in their leg kicks and gives them extra propulsion with swimming drills. Fins help the swimmer to improve their skill of moving forward and kicking skills. If you want to kick with good form or want to get extra propulsion during swimming then you should use this equipment.  

Additionally, fins help you to keep afloat without doing hard struggles, develop flexibility in your ankles, and help you move through the water if you have poor kicking skills. When you use fins, you should use Vaseline on the feet and around the toes to reduce friction and blisters.

Swim Paddles

Swim Paddles are also the best tool for swimmers. It increases the upper-body workload. It is the same as the swim fins but used in the upper body on the hands. They add an extra surface to the hands of swimmers so that they can pull more water. They give extra service to the hands, which means that swimmers can hold extra water, enabling the arms and shoulders to work a bit harder. To select swim paddles that are beneficial for you, you should consider the size of the paddles, which is not bigger than your hand because a bigger paddle overloaded your arms and shoulders.

A swim paddle enables you to become a good swimmer and helps you to move through the water very fastly you cannot do without the swim paddles. This tool comes in different shapes, strap choices, and sizes so that swimmers can choose according to their desire.  


Kickboard is the favorite piece of swimming tool for many swimmers because it enables them to swim better. It enables swimmers to target their lower body completely. It builds a bigger engine and it is the best tool to break up the uniformity of swimming lap after lap. This is a very beneficial tool for swimmers, especially for beginners in this field. It enables swimmers to raise their hips and work solely on their freestyle. It is a beneficial tool but most swimmers start relying on it to swim better so, you should try doing to rely completely on this tool.

Ankle Band

An ankle band is also an important tool for swimmers. It is the simplest tool for swimmers that can help swimmers to bring some hard and challenging swimming drills into their routine. However, there are some drawbacks of this tool if it is used improperly such as when you secure your legs with an ankle band; it reduces your ability to kick which can cause your lower body to sink in water. To maintain a good position, swimmers will force to increase their stroke rate and use their upper body and full strength to keep moving forward during swimming which needs extra strength. Therefore, you should use this band with caution.

The challenge of maintaining a horizontal position in the water without using the lower body can be challenging for some swimmers but if this tool is used with a proper technique, it helps swimmers in swim stroke correction.

Central Snorkel

Snorkel is also a beneficial tool for swimmers. It enables them to keep their head still and forget about turning their head to break such as fins. This tool helps swimmers to focus on techniques when they swim full strokes or perform drills. Keeping the head still helps swimmers with alignment and stroke symmetry, which helps them to enhance their swimming technique.

During swimming, some swimmers throw their bodies out of alignment when they move their heads to breathe. This tool helps swimmers to avoid this mistake and enables them to keep still with alignment. Additionally, it has another benefit, which is that it enables swimmers to see their hands move through the water without the need to roll their heads.


Powerbreathe is a useful tool that swimmers use to exercise and strengthen their muscles. It is an inspiratory muscle trainer. This tool is a scientifically proven tool that gives several benefits to athletes and helps all levels of competition. It is used for the improvement of hypoxic training, which enables swimmers employed to recreate altitude training.

Pull Buoy

When the kickboard helps swimmers to focus on the kicking motion, the pull buoy helps with the pulling motion. It is foam floaty that swimmers stick between their thighs, immobilize their legs, and help the upper body to do all work with full potential. It helps your body to move through the water.


Many tools and gears are available for swimmers, which help them to enhance their swimming techniques and polish their skills. The tools that are mentioned here are the basic tools that all swimmers use from the beginning to the professional level. I hope the information will be helpful for you.