Solo Male Masturbation: Side Effects of Masturabation In Male Daily


Everything in excess is never good to have, similar is the case of masturbation. It does have plenty of benefits but when you perform such sexual activity regularly you can face some side effects as well. However, all the bizarre myths are not true about masturbation. If you masturbate frequently you can go blind.

What is Masturbation?

Before heading towards its benefits and health hazards here is a brief intro about masturbation.

Masturbation is a sexual process through which an individual self-stimulates his or her genitals to an extent that may or may not lead to an orgasm. It provides sexual pleasure to a person by stimulating their genitals with hands or fingers. It is common among men and women of all ages, races, and social backgrounds.

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There is a common thought that a single person is more attracted to masturbation. However, if a person with a partner is addicted to it he or she may be involved in this self-pleasurable sexual act in the absence of their partner.

Thoughts About Masturbation

Although masturbation is normal human behavior that improves your understanding of your social needs and body. However, since it is a taboo topic in many parts of the world people masturbate and they do not discuss it with anyone.

It is the mindset that says that playing with your genitals is a bad activity. However, the medical research does not say the same, it is healthy sexual behavior. Due to religious and social restrictions, people keep such sexual desires to themselves.

Masturbation Myths

You may consider it funny that people actually believe things without any scientific explanation. Yes, it is true many civilizations of the world have their own social boundaries. People follow myths on several topics especially when they’re not common.

As many people consider masturbation a private activity or a bad thing. People have different negative thoughts about masturbation. Although much scientific research has debunked these myths several times still they are making their way to the surface again and again.

Following are some of the myths related to masturbation that has no scientific evidence.

  • Masturbation causes blindness
  • Masturbation makes your palms hairy
  • It can cause impotence with aging
  • It may cause erectile dysfunctioning
  • It reduces the penis size
  • It can cause infertility
  • It drastically decreases sperm count
  • It can make you mentally unstable
  • After masturbating you can encounter physical weakness

Benefits of Solo Male Masturbation

Following are some of the major benefits of masturbation

  • Masturbation can improve your physical and mental health.
  • Masturbation is helpful in lowering the risk of prostate cancer. In 2016 study says that if a man ejaculates at least 21 times a month he has a 20% decreased chance of developing prostate cancer.
  • Since masturbation lowers blood pressure it helps in reducing stress and tension. In today’s hectic world one out of five people are dealing with anger issues. Masturbation keeps a person stress-free and calm.
  • While masturbating you do not have any performance anxiety.
  • Masturbation releases dopamine and serotonin that fight against depression.
  • While ejaculating cortisol is released which is a stress hormone ultimately boosting the immune system.
  • It is absolutely safe to practice as through masturbation there is no chance of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • By releasing sleep hormones it improves the sleep cycle.

FAQ Related To Side Effects of Masturbation

Along with some benefits, there are plenty of side effects if you masturbate excessively. Following are some of the common side-effects of regular masturbation.

1- Side Effects of Masturabation In Male Daily

Masturbating daily depends on your physical health and strength. Masturbation may be normal for some men while for others it is unhealthy. Unless it is not impacting your routine activities, energy level daily masturbation is not excessive for you.

However, if you belong to the second category and daily masturbation is not your thing then it can cause several side effects to you. The major side-effects of masturbating regularly include pretty early ejaculation, weakness, and no desire for sexual activity with a partner.

2- Masturbation Effects on Kidney

People have a misconception about the effects of masturbation on kidneys that it can lead to kidney pain, diseases, or eventually failure. However, it is absolutely untrue. Through semen, a very small amount of protein and nutrients are lost which cannot cause kidney damage.

Masturbation does not cause kidney pain but it is your posture that may lead to abdominal pain. Unhygienic practices for masturbation may also lead to UTIs.

Some pieces of evidence show that masturbation is helpful in removing kidney stones or reducing their size. Research proves that if you masturbate along with the standard medical treatment you can easily treat kidney stones. It works as a replacement for tamsulosin with the standard medical treatment.

3- Can Masturbation Cause Memory Loss

Masturbation releases stress and tension but masturbating excessively does impact the brain negatively. When you masturbate you have a fear that you will get caught by someone and this will cause stress and anxiety in your personality. A person addicted to masturbation might feel difficulty concentrating on work. 

4- Does Masturbation Cause Hair Fall

No, it is wrong to say that masturbation can cause hair fall. This thought arises in mind because semen contains a high amount of protein and with each ejaculation, a person can lose protein. Another reason may be the increase in testosterone.

100 ML of semen contains 5.04 g of protein which is a good amount. Each ejaculation releases 3.3 to 3.7ml of semen which is not high enough to cause hair fall. Through a study in 2001, it was found that men who didn’t masturbate for three weeks had a much higher level of testosterone. A high level of testosterone can increase the hormone DHT dihydrotestosterone which is connected with hair loss.

5- Does Masturbating Reduce Testosterone

A general concept is that during masturbation testosterone is increased but through studies, we get to know if a person does not ejaculate for weeks his level of testosterone will be much higher than the person masturbating.

6- How To Get Rid of Masturbation Pimples

Following are some of the tips through which you can get rid of your masturbation pimples

  • The most common cause of acne is skin pore clogging with dead skin cells. If you wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night it will help in cleaning your skin pores.
  • Whenever you sweat either due to hot weather or after a workout session deep cleanse your face.
  • Invest in a good toner to keep your skin hydrated and maintain pH balance.
  • Use chemical-free products for your skin. Your skincare products should be free from ingredients that worsen acne-like alcohol, silicone, retinol, fragrance, parabens, and talc.
  • Exfoliate your skin at least two times a week to remove the pesky buildup in your pores which can cause a breakout.

7- Does Cum Help With Acne

It is only an assumption that semen can treat acne. Semen has the organic compound spermine which is loaded with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. However, there is no scientific research that proves the use of semen helps acne problems.

8- Does Masturbation Cause Acne

It is a myth that masturbation can cause acne. Masturbation does impact hormone levels and increases testosterone in both men and women but the amount of hormone is not high enough to cause skin issues.

The amount of testosterone elevates during orgasm and returns to its normal value after a few minutes. The main reason for acne is that reaching puberty causes pimples on the skin and at the same time adolescents become familiar with masturbation. However, the actual cause of acne is the clogging of pores.

9- Does Masturbation Make You Weaker

With every ejaculation, a male body releases plenty of nutrients and proteins along with semen but the amount is very low. Therefore, masturbation does not make you weak, however, if you masturbate on a regular basis then it can cause fatigue and tiredness.

10- Over Masturbation Side Effects on The Eyes

There are myths that masturbation can cause eye side effects and can even lead to blindness. However, it has nothing to do with reality since masturbation has no connection with eyesight. 

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