Mastering GAMSAT: Essential Course Selection Tips


The GAMSAT test is arguably one of the most popular admissions exams in the world. 

GASMAT stands for Graduate Medical School Admissions Test and is a unique test developed for admissions into Australian graduate schools. However, the test has also become quite popular in schools in the UK due to its effectiveness in helping graduate schools select diligent students. 

The test is divided into three sections: a test on Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences, another on Written Communication, and the last on Biological and Physical Sciences. 

As the names of the sections suggest, the GAMSAT test is highly detailed. The elaborate nature of the test can feel daunting for everyone. But you are not alone! With the best tips, you can navigate the process quite easily. 

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Here is a quick discussion on how you can master the GASMAT test!

Tips For Acing The GAMSAT 

Acing the GAMSAT test is possible for anyone using the best preparation tips. Here are just a few you can try out!

1. Early Preparation For The Test

Early preparation is critical if you want to have an easy experience handling the GAMSAT test. 

Your preparation process should start as soon as you register for the exam and should be consistent until you sit the test. While there are many ways to prepare for the test effectively, the best one is taking a GAMSAT course from a reputable institute. 

GAMSAT courses take you through all the concepts that are commonly tested in the exam in a structured format. The course holds your hand by giving you everything you need to be ready for the exam, starting from a prep guide and a timeline that fits your schedule to supplementary resources you never knew you needed. 

Even better, the courses can help you get a study buddy so you don’t feel alone during the preparation phase.

2. Familiarize Yourself With Every Section In The GAMSAT

As we have mentioned above, the GAMSAT test has three primary sections. If you want to be ready for the exam when it runs, you should think about the sections individually rather than focus on an overall approach toward the test. 

The Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences section ordinarily involves a series of 62 multiple-choice questions to be taken in 100 minutes. The section can cover everything from politics to current affairs. So, you should thoroughly study these concepts during your preparation. 

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The second test, which involves written communication, is a 2 question test to evaluate your essay writing capabilities. That means you should hone your essay-writing skills during the preparation phase. 

Finally, the last section involves a 75 multiple choice questions test evaluating your knowledge in the biological and physical sciences. The test is high-speed for 150 minutes to gauge your knowledge of the sciences. 

3. Develop Critical Analysis Skills

Critical analysis is a vital skill to have when taking the GAMSAT. Most questions require you to have more than textbook knowledge of a particular topic. You also need to know how to apply the knowledge to specific circumstances in the questions that arise in the test. You can only perform that through critical thinking. 

Many people think of critical analysis and thinking skills as something you have or do not have. But just like every other skill in the world, you can develop and improve critical analysis skills through practice. 

The best way to hone your critical analysis skills is by constantly working on them. That means considering the in-depth meaning of everything you read rather than accepting it at face value.

4. Read Widely And Purposefully

The GAMSAT test covers material and concepts from a wide variety of places. As the names of the sections suggest, you need more than knowledge of medicine even though the test is medical. 

You need to be well-versed in a wide range of topics to be adequately prepared. Some of the most commonly tested topics include politics, social sciences, law, general knowledge, literature, and philosophy. 

Aside from that, you still need to brush up on your biology, chemistry, and physics. All this is to show you how important it will be to be well-read in preparation for the test.

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5. Take A Timed Practice Test

Many students taking the GAMSAT test often complain about the time allocations for the test. The test involves quite a lot and is taken in the span of a day. If you are not accustomed to the rigors of taking an intense test in the short time span of the test, you will have a hard time going through it. 

So, what can you do? You should take timed practice tests to prepare you for the intense nature of the typical GAMSAT test. Remember, the only break you take during the test is between the second and third tests.

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6. Use Probability In Answering Questions

Sometimes, you might find yourself in a position where you can’t figure out the answer to a question outright. You can learn to use probability to answer the questions effectively. 

In a question where you have four possible answers, narrow down the answers to two final options to give you a 50% chance of guessing the right ones. 

Bottom Line

The GAMSAT may feel like a tough exam at first, but many people have succeeded in it over the years, and you, too, can join the ranks of success. By putting the tips we have discussed above into practice, you can succeed in the testing process!