How To Get Unbloated in 5 Minutes


Love the food but hate the pain–a slogan for those food lovers who can’t stop treating their taste buds and have to bear the uncomfortable feeling in their stomachs afterward. Life would have been easy if there was no limit to filling your tummy with your favorite meal. Unfortunately, we have got some intestines to take care of. 

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Feeling bloated is the most common feeling when it comes to digestive issues. Bloating can be caused by numerous things-It can result from some food intolerance or just some extra bites. However, this should be a manageable issue. If it is not, visiting a doctor might resolve the mystery of your discomfort. 

If you love to treat yourself now and then but can’t keep up with the bloating tummy that irritates you very often, we are here to give you some solutions on how to get unbloated in 5 minutes. 

Make peace with hot water:

A glass of hot water without additional flavors may sound like a no-no. But if we get to know the real help it could bring to our guts, we won’t say to it ever again. Just like heating pads are famous for getting rid of the pain of cramps, hot water does the same from the inside. You will get relief from the pain within seconds, and the gastric discomfort will also be resolved. 

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Have a cup of Ginger Tea:

Ginger is an ingredient that adds to the equation whenever we talk about gut health. Even if one does not have a painful stomach problem, ginger tea is often recommended to keep your metabolism active. So, if you try out some extra sweets after a heavy meal, add a cup of ginger tea as a post-meal drink. It is easy to make, as you are not required to do much. 

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A nice walk can work like magic:

Walking has always been the go-to advice of every medical expert to keep oneself physically active. Walking must be added to our daily routine to save ourselves from the more significant concerns of mobility or metabolism. As we are talking about how to get unbloated in 5 minutes, walking is the best and the most straightforward solution you can note down. When you feel heavy with that bloated stomach, allow your body to speed up digestion by walking for at least 15 minutes after your meal. 

Try some yoga poses:  

Yoga is well-known as an activity to relax your body and increases blood circulation inside your body. From back pain to muscular stiffness, yoga brings a pose for every problem you may face. Bloating is another issue that can be gone by following a few yoga poses. Cat-cow, sphinx, and extended puppy pose, you have many fun options to help yourself from this digestive concern. 

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Bottom Line

Bloating may sound like an everyday problem to many; some may have mastered the art of bearing the pain, while others may try their best to avoid a targeted food. By doing all this, one might miss out on their favorite food, which they must be craving hard. There is no need to worry anymore. The remedies mentioned above for how to get unbloated in 5 minutes are quick and easy to get your gut back to normal in minutes. After all, keeping your tummy happy is the key to a happy life. So don’t stress and have the time of your life with your favorite meal and some digestive tips.

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