Five Reasons Why You Should Become an Home Health Aide


What Is The Role of a HHA?

Personal care aides, home health aides, and other professionals provide assistance to people with disabilities, chronic illnesses, or cognitive impairments, as well elders who require help with daily activities. HHAs provide assistance with bathing and dressing, light housekeeping and grooming.

Home health and personal caregivers do not require formal education. When working for a home care agency, formal training is required. You can work as an HHA in many different settings. However, there are 5 reasons why working as a personal assistant in home health care would be the best choice.

Why do you want to become a home healthcare aide?

1. You can become a hero at home.

Caregiving requires a lot work, love and effort. The demands of caring for others may be too great to handle. It can be difficult to balance a full-time career or children with the time you spend caring for your loved one. It is not always possible for one person to provide all the care.

You are a hero for your clients, and they love you! When the family cannot care for themselves, you provide tender, loving and compassionate care.

2. Your presence is truly important to a family who is in need.

You enter the life of a client when you enter their home. Some families may find this a difficult process. Your compassion will allow you to break down the barriers and get to know clients better. You gain a new perspective on caregiving by working in the client’s home.

You can better serve your clients by taking an interest in them, for example, learning about their hobbies and least favorite foods. Your clients will soon look forward to seeing you because of the positive impact your presence has on their lives.

3. You can change the lives of people.

Home health aides care for more than their clients. Families and communities are there to support those in need. You become a part of their world when you accept the role of HHA.

Your client’s wellbeing and your presence in their lives are important to you. Your job is to be the professional you can always rely on, both for your client and their family. Your professionalism and unique skills make you a powerful force.

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4. Your role in the healing process is crucial.

Home health aides are there to offer consistent care in all situations, regardless of the client’s diagnoses. Your job is to make your client happy, whether that’s by listening to their problems or offering a shoulder for them to cry on.

Every day, home health aides demonstrate to the world that it is important to be loving, kind and strong. You can add the emotional and personal support needed to help a patient heal by working alongside skilled caregivers.

You bring a sense normality to a difficult situation. Your compassion, excellence and reliability are key. You have the ability to make a person happy and healthy as an HHA.

5. You are unique!

All of us are unique and have our own special talents. You and your individual talents make home health care a positive and memorable experience.

You can learn from your clients and teach them something new. As a home healthcare aide, you have the opportunity to view the world from a different perspective. As an HHA you are a healer and teacher.