Does Testosterone Make You Taller?


Height has always been an essential concern and the most significant trait considered by men and women. Most people try to increase their height in some ways to look taller. Apart from different physical attributes like weight, height is believed to be a crucial feature, especially among men. Many individuals use testosterone as it helps in boosting one’s strength.

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Only a few men know this information about how height is linked to testosterone. Whether testosterone can make you look taller? Does this increase size or not? Keep reading to find the answers to all these questions and more.

Let’s Discuss What Testosterone Is

Testosterone is a hormone mainly found in men and is known to be one of the essential hormones. Testosterone helps improve the growth of different attributes and features in men, like developing muscles, voice, and beard or whiskers. These testosterone levels start working mainly in early adulthood when boys attain puberty. After hitting puberty, people start observing changes in their characteristics, most importantly, height. 

The evolution of testosterone levels with growing age is what stunt your growth. These hormones keep making the changes by the age of 30, and after that, the development process slows down; thus, it is essential to look after the changes made during your teenage years, usually when your age lies between 15-19. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle at this time is vital for your body to function correctly. Now, does testosterone make you taller? It does affect your height, but not entirely. Your height is not dependent on testosterone. It usually changes with your age, similarly to weight and voice.

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Benefits Of Testosterone

Testosterone levels are significant for both men and women. Even though a higher percentage of testosterones are found in men, they do leave an impact on women as well as part of increasing their strength.

Strengthening Muscles

As you grow, the testosterone in your body develops new cells that help boost your muscles’ strength and mass. The increase in the size of muscles is efficient for a person to be more active and perform a significant number of activities without getting tired quickly.

Development Of Bones

These testosterone levels work for building new bones in your body by sustaining the density of bones. Low-dense bones are weaker and can break, so these hormones increase bones’ density, making them more solid and robust.

Cutting Down The Body Fat

Testosterone is responsible for building new cells and developing the muscles. During the development process, it not only results in burning the body fat but also works for distributing the fat from one part to another. It removes the fat from the part that does not require enough and distributes it to the other parts.

Improving Sexuality

The testosterone in the body helps provide more strength and develops hormones that enhance sexuality. So, does testosterone make you horny? Yes, it does to some extent by giving the stamina a body needs.

Producing Sperm Cells

Testosterone levels help in developing the sperm cells, which are used for sperm production. Or does it reduce the body’s strength? Protein intake is necessary for someone working to build up muscles, and sperm production does not entirely affect the muscles but can sometimes lower the energy levels.


Testosterone is beneficial and essential as it plays a part in performing many body functions. Testosterone development decreases after a specific age limit, lowering the body’s testosterone level. Ways to naturally boost your testosterone are listed below.

Get A Good Amount Of Sleep

The hormonal growth becomes active when a person sleeps. Not just height, everything that requires growth, like hair and nails, is affected during sleep. Follow a proper sleep schedule and rest for a maximum of eight to ten hours daily.

Regular Workouts

One task that you must add to your routine list is to exercise. It is unnecessary to do intense workouts lasting for hours and make you feel dead for the rest of the day, but it is significant to stand up and move. Practice exercising for a maximum of 45 minutes daily. Exercise is highly effective in increasing the testosterone level.

You can begin with basic exercises like crunches, jump twists, squats, curtsey lunges, and jumping jacks. If your stamina supports you, you can also opt for weight lifting for the potential growth of testosterones.

Stay Calm

Anxieties and depression are not a good idea to maintain your testosterone levels. You don’t have to be depressed but calm and relaxed. Indulge yourself into work, exercise, or go for a walk. Do anything that releases your stress.

Follow A Good Diet

Eating a healthy diet is one of the best approaches to increasing testosterone levels. Consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals, mainly vitamin D and zinc, such as egg yolk, cheese, yogurt, fish and mushrooms, legumes, meat, and spinach.

Also, avoid foods that quickly gain weight. If you think gaining weight won’t help you grow, that’s incorrect. You should maintain a good diet to stay healthy.

Supplements and drugs are one option for the growth of testosterones. Besides that, multiple natural ways can be used to increase the testosterone levels. First, you should identify the purpose you need testosterone for. Once you reach the age of 30, you may experience a decrease in testosterone levels.

You may consider taking prescribed medication or undergoing testosterone therapies to address this, but only if you are found medically fit. You should consult your doctor before taking any medicine for this purpose. Note that some of these also have side effects.

Testosterone also has several types. There is a term bottom growth testosterone that is not very much known. It is the development of the clitoris in trans men who use testosterone. This growth can be a little harmful if not controlled. Therefore, one should seek information before finding ways to grow testosterone.


Height is not associated with testosterone but is impacted by it. Maintaining testosterone levels is highly favorable as it provides several benefits and strengthens your body.

Till what age does the testosterone level stay high? These are the few questions that are mostly asked. But now you know, you can take suggested medicines for increasing testosterone levels and follow up in other ways like exercising and eating healthy food to stay strong.

Lastly, does testosterone make you taller? Knowing the relevant answers, you can quickly look into ways that would work best for you without being dependent on testosterone to help you look taller.