Dental Implants – Everything about Titanium Used in the Treatment!


Missing or damaged teeth can affect the quality of your life, creating troubles even for regular eating habits like biting and chewing. Fortunately, advanced dentistry services offer various solutions to fix them, of which dental implants are the most recognized. While ceramic material holds its place, titanium often beats it for its ability to offer long-lasting results and address all your dental concerns successfully. Before going to a dentist, you will want to learn a little about titanium implants to understand why your dentist recommends them. Knowing about this specific type is also necessary to remove unnecessary stress around the procedure and focus on recovery. 

If you’re considering dental implants, finding a qualified dentist in santan valley who specializes in this procedure is crucial. They can assess your individual needs, answer any questions you have, and ensure a smooth and successful experience

Do you live in Tarzana? Search for a reliable dentist in Tarzana, CA, specializing in titanium implants. Titanium is one of the best choices for its lightweight, long-lastingness, biocompatibility, easy integration into the bone, anti-corrosiveness, elasticity, flexibility, and slightly better cost competitiveness. Now, let’s dig into this implant type more.

  • Titanium dental implants

It is the best choice if your overall health is in good shape. You can depend on it to perform well and last longer. Whether someone is suffering from tooth damage due to an accident, tooth decay, infections, or gum disease, your dentist can suggest this. It’s also an ideal alternative to dentures. However, dental implants are installed surgically in the jawbone in the place of the missing tooth. On top of the titanium posts, they will put a dental crown. While it’s a permanent solution, you may need to replace them over time for wear and tear or other reasons. Dental implants are generally safe. Hence, you can expect titanium to be a secure choice.

However, in some rare cases, such as someone medically proven to be allergic to metals can face allergic reactions. Another rare occurrence is titanium toxicity. All these possibilities can be prevented by choosing the right doctor. They take all the precautions to eliminate risks and increase the procedure’s success rate. People with cancer, diabetes, and smoking and alcohol habits may not be ideal candidates. But only a dentist can ascertain this after analyzing your oral condition.

  • Titanium dental implant procedure, pain, and healing

Only an experienced and trained dentist can do this procedure, which requires inserting the implant or post in the jawbone. It appears like a screw. They will use an abutment and put a tooth crown over it to anchor it well. This step ensures the implant looks like a natural tooth and is well secured. The entire journey takes a few appointments to complete. During surgery, the doctor can inject anesthesia locally to eradicate the feeling of pain. Anxious patients may benefit from general anesthesia. After the procedure, you may be recommended OTC medicines to manage any discomfort. The doctor will also instruct you about maintaining the implant’s health.

Some people need clarification to decide between zirconia and titanium, mainly due to the aesthetic considerations. However, titanium or ceramic posts will remain under the crown and not be visible. Hence, it’s better to focus on the reliability and long-lastingness of the material. On these aspects, titanium does well. The risk of fracture with it is also rare or almost non-existent.