Ariana Grande Eye Surgery Korea

Ariana grande-eye-surgery-korea

Ariana Grande eye surgery Korea was a major acquisition due to which she faced backlash and trolls from fans on the Internet. Although Ariana Grande plastic surgery has always been a hot topic on social media but this time Ariana Grande eye surgery shocked everyone.

Previously, Ariana Grande plastic surgery rumors were surprising fans like rhinoplasty, lip fillers, and breast implants. When she went to Korea for plastic surgery, news arrived that Ariana Grande eye surgery is the reason for her travel.

If you want to know about Ariana Grande weight loss, diet plan, and the reality behind Ariana Grande eye surgery Korea then keep reading. In this article, we will discuss everything about the talented singer.

Ariana Grande Weight Loss 

Although Ariana Grande has an amazing body but to improve her fitness as she has gone under a massive weight loss of 25 lbs.

Ariana Grande Weight Loss on a Vegan Diet

Ariana Grande claims that she loves animals more than humans, therefore in 2013, she switched to a vegan diet. The singer likes to eat plant-based foods. She does not have time to cook, therefore she enjoys easy meals like soup, salads, and smoothies.

According to her, it is not necessary to depend on animals for dairy and protein needs. She likes to have almond milk instead of normal milk. She eats plant-based substitutes of protein.

Ariana Grande Before and After Weight Loss


Before weight loss, she was not much heavy but we can see that after losing 25 lb weight she has improved her fitness level.

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery

According to fans, Ariana Grande went to Korea to get Asian-style plastic surgery. On her social media, she recently showed an obsession with the Netflix series Squid games and afterward, she went to Korea to get face surgeries.

She did face surgeries like upper and lower jaws adjustment by removing a part of the bone. Due to this, she looks more Asian now. Her features have completely changed, although she is American but now her face is giving Asian touch.

Ariana Grande Before Plastic Surgery

If you look at Ariana Grande pictures from the past you can easily notice differences in her face. she often gets plastic surgery to enhance her features. she has been getting lip fillers for 7 years.

Did Ariana Grande Get Plastic Surgery?

Yes, apart From upper and lower jaw surgery Ariana Grande has also done blepharoplasty, also called double eyelid surgery. In this surgery, the skin around the eyes is reshaped.

Since she returned from Korea she is not wearing much eyeliner to avoid irritation in the eyes.

On Internet, fans are trolling her because she is trying to look like Asians with her clothes and recent surgeries. According to fans her eyes are giving uncomfortable vibes because they are not looking natural.

Ariana Grande Before and After Plastic Surgery


There is a massive difference in Ariana Grande before and after plastic surgery pictures. Although throughout the years she has been changing her looks. It gives freshness to her appearance. But apart from that, she is also modifying her features.

She has spent thousands of dollars to maintain her freshness. Fillers are a common surgery for her. Ariana Grande eye surgery was much shocking for her admirers and it didn’t get much appreciation.

Did Ariana Grande Get Eye Surgery?

Yes, Ariana Grande eye surgery Korea is a reality. She went to the country to get double eyelid surgery. The reshaping of the skin around the eyes has given her an Asian look.

Is Ariana Grande Pregnant

Seems like fans are excited about baby Ariana Grande pregnant news. Some photoshopped pictures of Ariana Grande pregnant circulated on the Internet which gained message popularity. 

The singer did not give any information about the pregnancy news. She has shared her thoughts that she’s not ready to start a family for a few years. She is much focused on her career.

However, it is not the first time that Ariana Grande got into a unique controversy. The Internet is loaded with Ariana Grande nip slip and Ariana Grande plastic surgery rumors. So it is quite normal to witness Photoshop pictures and news about the singer.

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