Anxiety Daith Piercing: Benefits and Risk


Anxiety Daith Piercing was best known as a fashion trend to increase the boldness of your look. But recently Daith piercing is gaining popularity because of its connection with anxiety, migraines, stress, and other symptoms.

Daith piercing got popular on social media when people started posting their unique piercing pictures. Daith piercing is done on the inner ear, it is said that it relaxes the mind from stress and anxiety.

To improve the quality of life, people are adopting the Anxiety Daith Piercing trend. However, there is no scientific evidence that supports this idea. Very limited research has been made suggesting that Daith piercing is beneficial to treat anxiety issues.

What is a Daith Piercing

It is a type of piercing that takes place in the innermost cartilage fold of the ear. The thickest part of the ear cartilage is involved in this piercing.

Only a skillful professional can perform Daith piercing. It is a very painful procedure and requires a 4 to 12 months healing period. This type of piercing also has a high risk for infections especially when the area is not clean or the needle is not sterilized.

Daith Piercing For Anxiety

Anxiety Daith piercing is believed to help in treating social and anxiety disorders. There are several acupuncture points in the ear that help in regulating the flow of energy in the body (homeostasis).

In Daith piercing anxiety, the pressure point is the vagus nerve in the cartilage of the ear that generates from the brain to the whole body.

Does Daith Piercing Help With Anxiety?

Daith piercing anxiety is a thought which is generated by people thinking that this kind of piercing has a direct connection with anxiety treatment. This thought most probably originated due to acupuncture pressure point practices. As this practice reduces anxiety and mood swings similar is the thought for Daith piercing.

The ear cartilage point selected for that piercing is known as the zero point which maintains the body’s homeostasis. In acupuncture, pressure is built on this point to stabilize the body’s homeostasis and provide relief from stress and anxiety. Acupuncture has treatment for many diseases and people follow this type of therapy for thousands of years.

There is very less scientific research that says that the idea of Daith piercing anxiety has anything to do with improving mental health. Apart from research, professional skills are also very important because unskilful people do not know the exact point resulting in more than 35% of people getting complications while Daith piercing.

Is Daith Piercing For Anxiety Relief a Placebo Effect

Since there is not much scientific evidence related to Daith piercing anxiety many people claim that it is only a placebo effect. This means that when you do Daith piercing it treats migraine and anxiety issues, ultimately it does help you.

According to many small-scale reports, people claim Daith piercing has significant improvement in migraine and anxiety symptoms. This improvement may be due to the placebo effect or piercing alters fibers in the vagus nerve thus reducing anxiety.

Bottom line 

Only proper research can tell that anxiety Daith piercing is a placebo effect or it has a role in relieving anxiety. Make sure if you’re trying Anxiety Daith Piercing you get this job done by a skillful professional to avoid any complications.

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